Birthday Presents

When to the national library (main branch) to do some research on McDonalds for my P&Q2 module and then later on went down to Orchard to buy presents for 2 of my friends birthday which is coming real soon.

Walk from Takashimaya to Paragon to Hereen almost twice, don’t know what to buy, but in the end we decided to buy it. I will not reveal what we bought as they may visit this site =) Bought 2 FourSkin t-shirts along the way. $29 for a piece.

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Boring Thusday

Nothing much interesting happend in school today, just the same old Thusday, went in to the ICT PC technology computer lab for the first time, the lab is new and of course it has new computers, P4 1.7ghz plus LCD Monitor.

Added 2 more pages and images to my DEUI assignment 1 report, thus now in total 6 pages done, 9 more pages to go. This sucks, 2 days has past and my lecturer haven’t reply my email.

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McDonalds Rocks

Woot, McDonalds customer support rocks, e-mailed them yesterday for their coporate infomation, this afternoon they sent it to me. That is what I call good customer services. Thanks Ms Lai. =)

On the other hand, I e-mailed my DEUI lecturer yesterday, 1 day still no reply from her, grrr, waste my time, must as well ask her tomorrow since I got DEUI pratical lesson tomorrow. This sucks.

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Active Server Pages

First lesson of the day, IWED pratical, SP server went down on us, got released for lunch earlier because of that. We will lean ASP(Active Server Pages) and VBScript for IWED, this is what I like, backend web programming, but php still win asp, anyway this site is programmed in php in case you didn’t notice that.

DEUI assignment 1 deadline on 3rd August 2002, write about user interface, 15-20 pages, 2 more weeks left, still waiting for my lecturer to reply my email before I get started.

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Food Court 2 @ SP

Went to Food Court 2 in SP to eat for the first time, as Food Court 5 and 6 was very crowded so decided to go a food court which is further away from us. The auntie at McDonalds pushes a trolly around asking whether people want to buy drinks, never seen this before, but is a good service, human are born lazy anyway, so I bough a cup of ice milo, $1.40.

ICT biggest lecture theatre, MLT12 had an air-con break down I think, 90 minutes of lecture WITHOUT air-con, its very hot I can tell you, cannot even concentrate on what the lecturer is teaching.

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Rush Hour

Went to Funan with my parents to buy my printer ink, I also bought 50 blank CDRs, wanted to buy Warcraft III strategy guide, but they only have the orc cover version, I wanted the human cover version but could not find it. In the end I never buy.

Watched Rush Hour on channel 5 just now, even though I love to watch movies, I didn’t know why I didn’t catch this flim at the cinemas.

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JackPot Room

Well just came home from Singapore Swimming Club, went into the JackPot room, first time I went into a jackpot room since I turned 18.

Played table tennis with my brother, he improved alot since the last time I played with him, which is about a year ago, he a school player for Gan Eng Seng Secondary School afterall, what you expect.

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Walking Box

Well, animating a simple walking box is not as easy as it seems to be, total of about 7 steps involved, the lecturer cannot even finish these 7 steps in 1 pratical lesson, just image how difficult it is or how slow we are.

Played 3 rounds of Warcraft III ladder game with Reaper, how sad, we lost all 3 rounds, nevermind, I will play more often if I have the time, so many assignments needed to hand in and so little time.

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I hate DEUI, boring lecturer, idiotic practical teacher, she basically just walk around the lab and ask students to close this close that, suck it. Never even conduct a proper lesson, we are not supposed to surf the internet except for the ESP website. What kind of shit rule is this?

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CANI Assignments

Woot, my CANI assignment 1 proposal is approved by my lecturer, and I am allowed to use FBS – Ya MaMa for my animation music. CANI assignment 2 will be in group work, we did the treatment, will be sending an email over to the lecturer tomorrow to get his approval before we continue.

I went to SP main library at about 2 pm to do some research on the company annual report as our P&Q2 assignment 1 requires us to analyze it. Company we chose is DBS Holdings.

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