Mind Slightly Clear

Went to school for FYP discussion, didn’t talk much, just listen sometimes help. Went for lunch at foodcourt 6 with Lian and 1 of my group member. Didn’t ate, but watched them ate.

Met Jacky’s FYP group to watch a movie called Basic at Tiong Bahru. The show was quite messy, something like Hero. Didn’t really understand it and my head is still heavy with those sweet memories of watching movies with Lian. The air-con in the cinema is cold, maybe I didn’t eat much. Ate only some sushi and was a birthday treat from Geargina.

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Site Updates February 2003

My self-coded poll module is finally out after few weeks of planning and coding. The first topic, “What Type Of Food Do You Like?”. Click here to vote. If there is any bugs with the poll, please email me about it, and if possible attach a screenshot to it. =D Thanks.

Here are the remaining site updates for February 2003:

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Site Up

Ok the site is back up with a temporary URL till the domain is bought. Only the polls is still down, too lazy to edit the files and I will be taking the poll off soon till I code my own poll script.

If you found any broken links or any incorrect pages, please give me an email or fill up the feedback form. Thanks alot =D

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Site Updates January 2003

Here are the sites updates that have been consolidating over the past few months.

» Added In Related Stories Feature
» Used site.php For Site Content
» Replace Previous/Next Page Style With VBulletin Page Navigation Style
» Changed The Archives Page To Something Simpler And Less Bugs
» Gallery Viewer Now Is On Its Own.
» Modified ShoutBox With Register Globals Off
» Whole Site Now Is Compatible With Register Globals Off
» No More Post Counts In Drop Down Archives/Category To Reduce MYSQL Queries
» Minor Tweaks Here And There For B2 and Site

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Orientek Back Up

Yes, if you can see this post, means Orientek Server on is back up. PHP, MYSQL Apache have been upgraded to the latest version. I have been waiting for this for a long time. PHP version 4.3.0, MYSQL version 3.23.54 and Apache version 1.3.27

Finally got things for me to solve today, which is the site. The shoutbox is down, think will reinstall it. and folder paths is still not accessible, will try to work on that. If you want to access it you need to type index.php behind the folder path.

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X-Mas Site Color

Changed the site color to red for Christams, actually this color exsists very long ago already, for Christmas I made this color as the default color, added some Snow Flakes falling down, is abit lag because it uses JavaScript. Will be changing the top image to some x-mas picture if possible.

Why if possible? Because I sucks in art. LOL

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ShoutBox Updates

Decided to change the ShoutBox and put in only on the main page so that it will load faster for the rest of the pages. It will also appear as a shout module, not just shout module alone because I have been doing so for a few months and it is practically empty. Humans are born lazy, so I don’t think they can be bothered to click on the “Shout Module()” link.

Modified the “Blogs Links” to a drop-down menu style, the old style is taking way to much space on the page. So now the time taken to process the main page is about 1 second and the rest of the site is about 0.5 second or less.

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Chalet Nov2002 Photos Up

I have uploaded all the photos taken during the chalet in 3 digital cameras to the site. Total of 271 photos or 26 MB worth of photos. The photos are available in the Poly Gallery, url is

Just for your information, this site is powered by B2 CVS version, thus all the files are always up to date.

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