Archive Version 3.0

I have brought forward the launch of a few days in advanced as I may not be free on the 9th June 2008 which is the original intended date of launch.

After more than 4 years of using the same layout, the old layout (version 2.0) has been finally replaced with this newer (version 3.0) layout. I think some of you may find this layout a little dull as compared to the previous layout because of the colors used. I am trying to come out with a variety of color schemes if possible because of the colors are controlled by CSS, the only limitation is choose the color. Do note that I am not a designer but a programmer. Most programmers are poor designers and most designers are poor programmers.

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Moving Host Again

DreamHost is pissing me off these few weeks as a lot of my users complained to me that the plugins they downloaded from this site is corrupted. This is due to the fact that the connection is being cut off before the file is being downloaded completely. On top of that, the loading time for my site is horribly long.

I had enough of DreamHost nonsense and I am moving to my own server, FRRO after my exams which my last paper is on 4th December 2007.

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My Programming Portfolio Page

I have changed all my plugins download links listed on My Programming Portfolio Page to point to the Official WordPress Plugins Repository instead of to my own site as many users have problem downloading it from my site because DreamHost is quite sucky recently. I have been able to download it at times and most of the times the download just got cut off. So I figured out it would be better to point it directly to plugins repository instead.

Sorry if it took so long, I have been very busy with my school.

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