Site Updates July 2002

Ok, updated the site with a new feature, enables you to choose this site color scheme, it is available on the left site under “Your Info”. Once you choose it, changes to the site will be taken place on the next page. I still unable to solve this problem yet, maybe something to do with refreshing, but I tired, it cannot work, if anyone knows how to solve it, please give me a mail, your help will be greatly apperaciated.

Changed the polls and shoutbox module layout, the audio module will remain as the default color, when I free I will go and edit the audio module.

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Updated To b2 0.6pre3

*Update* If you find any bugs in my site, please give me a mail, or ICQ me, thanks alot, anyway the bugs that I fixed it myself are now offially fixed.

I have update this site blog software to b2 0.6pre3, I found some bugs fixed them, but the last bug which is in b2archives2.php(I rename the default archive file to b2archives2.php), seems abit wierd. Anyway now you are able to post smilies in the comments section =)

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Official Launch

Today, 1st June 2002 is the official launch of thew ‘new’ GamerZ Personal Homepage, with much more added features like Image Module, Shout Module, Poll Module, and with this new blogs system, you can now post comments to the news/blogs I posted. Of course all this all powered by php. But don’t get me wrong, I only did the programming for the Image Module. LOL. The photo gallery is all up with more than 200 photos inside it, so take a look at it. The counter value has been reset, the counter will only count unique hits not page hits, your IP and date/time of visit are automatically log by the counter.

Yes, the world cup fever is finally here and in yesterday match between France and Senegal, Senegal won France, 1-0. The match is good but France got no luck.

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Site Done

Site Done. All pages are completed, from now till 19th April 2002, I shall check for bugs, typo errors, grammers for all the pages, no new section or pages will be added. Just minor updates will be done to the pages over the week.

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Today is the deadline for this website to be handed up, once this site is marked, I will convert this site to .php instead of .htm which allows me to update things easier. I will add in a link database, news scripts, polls and much more. The power of php.

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Bug Fixes

Bugs fixed, added in some extra stuffs on top, added in Audio Module which allows you to listen to song when surfing this site. is currently experiencing due to a connection re-route, will be back to nomal this Friday, 19th April 2002. Another backup site is @ is fully functional except for the downloads which is mirrored at Pixercor.

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Site Almost Done

Site almost 80% done, most of the pages are complete except Downloads, Links, Portfolio and Family. The feedback form is now updated, it can now validate required fields. The feedback form is programmed in php, if you want the source code, drop me an email. 11 more days to deadline.

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Site Updates March 2002

I have added in the Javascript code to detect the user’s browser version on the index page as the opacity image Javascript is not supported in IE5. Added Your Info and Affiliates to the left-hand side menu, and added in almost all the pages URL of this site to the Quick Menu and most importantly, fixed some minor HTML codes bugs.

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