Width Of The Site

I have changed the width of this site from 600px to 800px.

Back in 2003 when I designed this layout, 800×600 is still quite the normal resolution for most computers so in order to make this site layout compatible with 800px in width, I chose 600px as the width.

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My Own Wiki

Just to follow the trend, I have installed Mediawiki into For those who do not know what Mediawiki is, it is the exact same software that powers Wikipedia.

I intend to post some of my stuff there which requires modification often. The only valuable page that so far is my to-do list of my WordPress Plugins.

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Ads On This Site

This site will be turning 5 on 24th March 2007, which falls on my birthday too. For the past 4 years+, I have been running this site using my allowance and sometimes my mom will pay for the hosting. Many readers asked me why not put ads on my site as I have pretty good site traffic.

I will never put ads on any of my personal site, now or in the future. This is like my hobby and I do not want to earn anything from my hobby. And the main reason for it is, I simply hate site with ads.

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Changing Of Host Completed

If you are able to see this announcement, it means that the site has successfully move to the new host (Dreamhost to be exact). I signed a 2 year contract with them for (US$100.80), hopefully they do not let me down.

This site is definitely slower for me in terms of load time as the host no longer reside in Singapore (where I live), but it maybe faster for some of you guys also.

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