Minor Site Tweaks

Tweak some stuffs on this site, mainly only affect the back-end rather than the user-end. Now the time taken to load the page is much more accurate and it is located at the bottom but outside the page layout.

All parts of the page layout are now being called from a function file rather than including the file. This makes updating the site an easier job for me and the site will look more uniform in terms of breadcrumbs navigation and the page title.

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WAP This Site

Yap, thats right, you can read my blogs on your WAP enabled handphone, thanks to a great hack made by plazz2000. Information that will be displayed on the first WAP page will be the blog date follow by the blog title, when you choose that link, it will bring you to another page that will display almost the full blog infomation, that includes date, title, no. of comments and of course the blog itself.

My WAP url is To go to the URL on your Nokia phone, just go to Services > Menu > Go To Address, and key in the url as mentioned above, and there you have it.

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Updated To b2 v0.6

B2 is out of the beta stages, v0.6 will be the last release before B2 v1.0. As usual, I always keep my site up to date with the latest B2, so there you have it, it is now updated to B2 v0.6. Not much changes from v0.6pre5 to v0.6 except some minor bug fixes and backend stuffs. Pinging Cafelog for testing purposes.

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Updated To b2 v0.6pre5

Upgraded this site to B2 v0.6pre5 of the B2 blogging software, new features such as PingBack and TrackBack, which up till now I do not know how it works.
Here are the main features:

» TrackBack support (not MT’s standalone trackback)
» Pingback support: Pingback is a new way to put the ‘web’ in ‘weblogs’, as it allows your blog to automatically notify other pingback-enabled blogs that you linked to them in an entry
» some new template tags
» many bugfixes
» and many more other stuffs.

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Woo This Site For Ripped

This thats rights, this site got ripped. I found out in the morning when I was checking my extreme tracking in school when I got nothing to do. Click here to view the extreme tracking, please scroll to the bottom. Here is the damm ripper site.

Even his current version, version 3.1 is a ripped off from CS Skins old layout. Manage to find the old CS Skins layout through Archive.Org and here it is.

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Site Coding Updated

Here are some site updates. Mostly is deals with coding. :

» Updated this blog scripts from pre3 to pre4
» Added in “E-Mail This Article”
» Added in “Referers” to track where users come from
» Added in “Page Navigation” to the thumbnail view of the image module in pictures gallery
» Added in “Thumbnail Page Navigation” to the large image view of the image module in pictures gallery

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Site Migration Done

If You can see this piece of news, means the site is fully migrated to the new host. You may need to fill in some form elements again because the cookies stored in your computer is under and not

The site migration is very successful, all database tables are up and running, no data is lost. will redirect to here by 10am tomorrow morning.

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Site Migration

I will be moving this site to a new host very soon, PixerCor is closing down, and so is the domain and hosting will be gone. Please always access this site through Just for your info, the new URL will be Hehe Thanks alot.

I am uploading and configuring all the stuffs now. Hope everything will be completed before Sunday.

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Site Updates August 2002

Here are some of the site updates :

» Added in pages numbers in the photo gallery.
» Added in JL and KN birthdays images. Click here for it.
» Added in more blog links on the left hand side.
» Added in a friendly printable version of the blog. Click here for a printable version of this post.
» Site reaching 1000 unique hits soon.
» Most user online is 8.

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Site Downtime

Sorry about the downtime of this site from 1st August 2002 to 2nd August 2002, the host of PixerCor is currently doing some server migration if I am not wrong. Do not know much details about it. Thanks to abnormal for making this site online again =)

Normal postings will resume tonight. Will be watching mimic2 with my friends later on in the day.

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