GaMerZ Expenses Tracking System

I am going to launch a free service for everyone. It is called GaMerZ Expenses Tracking System. As the name implies, this online software enables you to track your monthly expenses. All you have to do is just to key it in and the software will do the rest.

» Daily, monthly, yearly view of expenses
» Average per day spent
» Calendar view of any month
» Able to filter by category or/and payment mode
» Sorting options
» Uses session instead of cookies for additional security
» Add/edit/delete items, categories and payment modes
» Monthly budget
» Free

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New Server

Since 1st August 2004, this site is closed due to the migration to our new server which is running on a Intel Pentium 4 2.4GHz and the server is located at Pacific Internet Data Center.

Finally had the chance to upload everything to the new server yesterday and everything should be up and running like before. If you encounter any bug, just drop me an email or fill in the feedback form.

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Welcome to

As you can see, I have forwarded all request to From today onwards my site will be on Kindly change your bookmark to or if you haven’t done so. This 2 domains will be with me till a long long time. Thanks to Zeus for his excellent service in providing me this hosting. I am hosted by Fro Hosting. My Pixel-Junkies Server will still be around, I will use it to mirror the photos because I have only 300MB of space in this server.

Everything should be up and running smoothly. Cheers

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Site Updates January 2004

I have no idea, how come suddenly Pixel-Junkies MYSQL server is giving me error today. Yesterday it was fine till today. Anyway the problem has been fixed. It is due to a “DISTINCT” keyword in the SQL Query. I hope nothing goes wrong after deleting the keyword because from what I see, it makes no difference whether there is a distinct keyword or not. I still find it very weird because the error came out of no where. No idea whether it is the MYSQL Server problem or the code problem.

Here are a list of site changes:

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Version 2.0 Change Log

Here is a list of changes I made to my site.

» Upgraded Blogging Software (b2 0.6.1 To WordPress 1.0.1)
» Tableless Layout Design
» 99.9% Of All The Pages Are HTML 4.01 Transitional
» Temporary Removed Polls And ShoutBox
» site.php No Longer Used To Display Pages Beside SiteMap
» Cleaner URL With Proper Folder And File Naming Convention
» Site Uses File Include Instead Of Function Call For Displaying HTML
» Links Are Now Managed By WordPress
» Links And Blog Links Are All Cache File Included In The Page, Thus No SQL Query Is Used
» Added In PortFolio Section
» Image Gallery And Image Viewer ReCoded To Version 2.0
» The Codes/Method Used Are More Efficient, Thus Less Strain On The Server
» Overall, The Site Loading Time Should Be Reduced

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