Singapore Digital Brand Index (DBI 2.0)

Conducted across eight Asia-Pacific markets (Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan), the second quarterly Digital Brand Index (DBI 2.0) continues to unveil insights about; the most discussed brands online, the most active channels and the subject areas that spark the most vibrant debate.

Researched during the last three months of 2009, DBI 2.0 found almost 1.5 million online technology brand mentions – double the level tracked in DBI 1.0, conducted July to September 2009. Other key findings from DBI 2.0 include:

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HP’s City of Dreams

City of Dreams is HP Digital Festival happening from 7th to 13th August 2009 at Ion Orchard Basement 4.

I attended the event with Li Xiang yesterday, thanks to Amelia from Waggener Edstrom for the invite. The event was a short and sweet event, these days I kinda like short event where it will not last more than 2 hours. I think I am getting old here. Talk to a few bloggers there and we realized we grew to a point that we are sick of typing so much stuff and instead post more pictures and let it do the talking.

View From Basement 3
View From Basement 3

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HD-DVD Is Dead

The format war is finally over and Blu-ray has won. Personally I am quite happy that Blu-ray has won as I preferred it over HD-DVD. I believed that consumer will greatly benefit from it, if there is only 1 standard format in the market, just like DVD and CD.

Toshiba Corporation today announced that it has undertaken a thorough review of its overall strategy for HD DVD and has decided it will no longer develop, manufacture and market HD DVD players and recorders. This decision has been made following recent major changes in the market. Toshiba will continue, however, to provide full product support and after-sales service for all owners of Toshiba HD DVD products.

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Top 10 Most Common Passwords

We all use passwords every day; they have become very common today. Checking out mail, transferring money, shopping online, all those actions involve introducing a password. So if you use a password it is supposed to be a long difficult one in order not to get your account stolen. We are always told of stories about breaking easy passwords and stealing money.

Very many people have read and heard these stories, but let us see what happened to the passwords that people use.

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Cisco Kills Linksys Brand

In a roundtable with the European press, John Chambers confirmed the “end of life” of the Linksys name, being replaced by the new and redesigned Cisco branding.

This decision follows Cisco’s move last April to make it easier for Linksys resellers to add Cisco products to their offerings and vice versa. Also, just a few weeks ago, Cisco created a new division solely focused on the SMB market and headed by Rick Moran, formerly marketing chief of several Cisco communications applications like the unified communications portfolio, Cisco IPICS, Cisco Small Business Systems (Linksys One), TelePresence, Business Video and Physical security.

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New Memory Stick Micro (M2) Format

Press Release
SanDisk Corporation and Sony Corporation today announced the development of the “Memory Stick Micro” format, an ultra-small IC recording media designed to meet the growing storage needs of highly compact, multifunctional mobile phones. Licensing for the development of “Memory Stick Micro” compatible hardware will begin October 3, 2005.

“Memory Stick Micro” media is approximately one-quarter the size of “Memory Stick PRO Duo” media, yet only about 1.2 mm thick. The media’s edges are slotted lengthwise to allow for more slim-line designed connectors to reduce space in host devices. As dual-voltage media, Memory Stick Micro supports devices operating at 3.3 volts and 1.8 volts.

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