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Cadbury Glow – Premium Chocolate Gifting

Cadbury Glow is positioned by Cadbury as a premium chocolate gift, similar to Ferrero Rocher. Each of the chocolate praline is crated in Europe. The outer layer is made of milk chocolate, while the inner filling is made of dark chocolate.

The inspiration behind Cadbury Glow was sparked by the glow moment. The glow moment is a warm glow of happinesses that comes from seeing someone light up with joy when they received a special gift.

Cadbury Glow - Box Front
Cadbury Glow – Box Front

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Wedding Gift From Nokia Connects

I didn’t really announced that I got married in Las Vegas when I was in US for holiday 2 months ago. I only posted it in my Facebook as it is more private than my Twitter.

It was not really a last minute decision. I proposed to Li Xiang while celebrating our 7th Anniversary at Klapsons Boutique Hotel on 22nd October 2011. Li Xiang suggested to do something out of the ordinary which is to register our marriage in Las Vegas since we will be going there for holiday in 2 months time. We asked our parents and they did not object it and we went ahead as planned!

Wedding Gift Box
Wedding Gift Box

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Glico Chinese New Year & Valentine’s Day 2010 Gift Packs

Li Xiang designed these gift packs during her internship at my mom’s office last May, and now it is ready to be sold in the market.

The gifts pack are available at Watsons, NTUC, Prime Mart and mini-marts.

Glico Pocky Chinese New Year Gift Pack

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