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ShieldMask+ Reusable Mask

ShieldMask+ is a reusable and washable mask that is made in Singapore.

It has four layers of protection, which consist of moisture repellant as the outer later followed by a double filter layer and, lastly, the antibacterial soft bamboo fabric layer.

ShieldMask+ Reusable Mask - Packaging Front
ShieldMask+ Reusable Mask – Packaging Front

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4th Anniversary

Today marks our 4th anniversary together which is about 1,460 days.

Went to Li Xiang school to pick her up and we proceed on to Bras Basah to help my mom buy the expiry date sticker from Modern Bookstore located at level 1. Li Xiang bought a book from Basheer Graphic Books located at Level 4 as a birthday present for her friend, Nicole.

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