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Service In Singapore: Acceptable, But Nothing More

Personally, I find the service level in Singapore acceptable. I think the service level in retail shops are generally better than those in F&B. If I have to name one F&B in Singapore that has the worst service, it got to be Crystal Jade Kitchen.

Having been to the US (but not yet Japan), the service level in US is awesome for both for retail and F&B.

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SingTel Launches Singapore’s 1st E-Book Service

The e-book service is known as skoob. It offer the works of Singapore writers, study guides and educational books for local primary and secondary school students.

At launch there are about 39,000 local and international bestsellers for smartphones, tablets and PCs. Payment is in Singapore Dollars (S$) and made via Singapore Credit Cards or if you are a SingTel customer, you can charged it to your monthly SingTel bill.

Skoob on iPad (Bookshelf)

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SingTel’s Priority Pass Mobile Broadband Service

Interesting service by SingTel. These days almost everyone is using an iPhone, Android or Blackberry and all the phones are connected to data services. Not forgetting those 3G USB dongles are connected to the same data network as well. If you paid only for mobile broadband, you are also sharing the same bandwidth with those who paid for mobile plans that comes with data services. But with Priority Pass, mobile broadband users get higher priority (in terms of speed & bandwidth) than mobile plan data services users.

Also, we can expect commercial LTE services from SingTel by the end of the year.

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