Crowded Orchard

Ate the famous Claypot Laksa from Depot Road for breakfast. Thought will be going to Orchard later by myself, but Lian message me in the morning say she want to go out. Of course was happy, got people accompany me. LOL.

Almost walked the whole of Orchard Road, from Far East Plaza all the way to CenterPoint. Wow. Today Orchard Road is really flooded with people. Must be because of the Great Singapore Sale. MRT, buses, shopping malls are all flooded with humans.

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Sony Ericsson T610

Just got my Sony Ericsson T610 from Far East Plaza. Bought it for $695. Trade in 1 Nokia 7210 and Nokia 8250. $695 – ($120+$250) = $325. Mom sponsored me $150. So end up paying $175. LOL

Had lunch at the newly renovated Hans at Far East Plaza. Long time since I ate Hans. Miss the black pepper steak there. LOL

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Bruce Almighty

Bought the bus concession stamp for June as I think I will be traveling alot because of FYP. Went to buy tickets for Bruce Almighty at Cathay Orchard before walking around Orchard. The renovation of 4th level of Hereen is done. The shops are opened for business. PK computers is also opened, this time with larger space.

Bruce Almighty lasted about 100 minutes. It is a nice show. Funny and heart warming. At least the funny part is not lame type of funny. So much better than Anger Management. Worth the $7.50.

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Basketball Day

Check my results last night. Sad. No distinctions this time. I kind of expect it because all the modules, not my cup of tea. LOL

Went to school to play basketball today. Was early so decided to walk to the ICT side to check to see whether our grades is out offline. But sad to say, it is not out.

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Damm Drilling Noises

Again, woke up by the damm drilling noise before noon. Is either coming from the same bloody house or another fellow renovating his house.

Mom bought back Mac Donald’s Big Breakfast for me. Very long time didn’t eat it. Lian came online in the afternoon after many days of MIA. Played with her a few rounds of Warcraft III before she went off.

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The Matrix Reloaded Third Time

Saw the Making Of Matrix Reloaded in the early afternoon. It is fantastic. The amount of work they put into the pre-production is alot. After watching it, I think it is not easy to make a movie. Don’t know how many thousands of people required to make a movie.

Later went out to celebrate my classmate birthday today. Brought them to eat the famous minced pork noodle at Marina Square for lunch before watching Matrix Reloaded again. All of them will be watching it the second time and it will be my third time watching it. This time pin pointed alot of things. Thought I could get a glimpse of George Bush at the last part, but I think it is too fast for me. LOL

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Baby Cousin 1 Year Old

Went to Scotts that area in the afternoon to buy my baby cousin birthday present. More like my mom, bro and me accompany my grandmother to buy the present. LOL. Had lunch at the Scotts food court. Tried the Korea Claypot rice. It is nice, I think even better than the Chinese one. But quite expensive. $6.50.

After today, I think that the design of Shaw Center is very lousy. The exterior escalator doesn’t go to every level and some parts of the building is not connected to the shopping center.

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Long Queue For Kuey Chap

First time in the holidays slept till 2pm. Saturdays can be boring if you didn’t go out. Spent the whole afternoon doing my Inventory System, integrating it with a simple layout. Actually doing the webpage is easy, is the thinking process that is difficult and takes a long time.

At night, went to eat the Kuey Chap at Toa Payoh. First time I see so many people queuing up, waited for at least 30 minutes before getting our food. Maybe Singaporeans is celebrating SARS free day. LOL

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