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Thursday (Graduation Day)
Went back to school for breakfast at FC6. It feels weird when you are the only person wearing uniform, but soon after more NS guys in uniform came. Had wanton mee and seafood soup for lunch. Really missed the food/good old times there. Went to take a token of appreciation from Mr Ahmad for my WSC, it was a pen given by the principle of ICT.

The SP convention center is very nice, with 2 large screens on top on both sides. I was very impressed by it. The whole ceremony took about 2 hours. It was shorter than I expected. You are given 1 white card with barcode on it, once you reach the stage, you have to scan it, then it will read out your name and then you proceed to collect your empty scroll box. Very computerised.

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SP Graduation Ceremony 2004

My platoon commander must be in a good mood yesterday because he give me such a good book in timing. My graduation ceremony will start tomorrow at 2pm, but must be seated by 1pm. He gave us earlier book out with is today at 8pm and book in tomorrow at 8.30pm. Is more than a day off. Weee..

Finally after studying 3 years, I will be getting my piece of paper tomorrow. Really miss those studying days where the only stress comes from exams and projects, life was quite carefree with less worries.

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Reach Singapore at around 12.15pm. My mom finally found the location of the Depot’s Road Laksa. It is now at Alexandra Village Hawker Center, Stall 01-75. Finally can have my favourite Laksa for lunch.

Went to Toyota’s showroom, my mom bought a Toyota Vios and scraping her present car which is a Toyota Soluna. The car will come in October and just nice I can drive it after my POP. I still dare not drive my dad’s car because it is new and the pick-up speed is a little too fast for me to control.

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Happy 39th Birthday Singapore

This will be a fairly long post.

Booked out at 8pm, reach Singapore at around 8.30pm. Had dinner with my parents at Changi Village eating the famous Nasi Lemak. Came home uploaded my site on the new server, had some SQL problems because phpMyAdmin SQL dump sucks, after dumping the SQL file, phpMyAdmin could not read it. No choice had to manually create the tables and use the dump to insert the values.

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New Server

Since 1st August 2004, this site is closed due to the migration to our new server which is running on a Intel Pentium 4 2.4GHz and the server is located at Pacific Internet Data Center.

Finally had the chance to upload everything to the new server yesterday and everything should be up and running like before. If you encounter any bug, just drop me an email or fill in the feedback form.

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Booked out at 9.30am, it was early because I think there is a Parents Visiting session going on during lunch and they don’t want to jam the ferry terminal.

Had the famous minced pork noodle for lunch with my parents before meeting LiXiang for lunch at Ngee Ann City’s Mos Burger. Met up with Jackey and Laily for Brotherhood movie at Plaza Singapore. The show is around 140 minutes long. It is quite a good show, very touching. The show was released quite sometime ago and the cinema is still full house.

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