Michael Jackson Pass Away At The Age Of 50

I grew up listening to Michael Jackson songs. It is a little sad that he pass away at such a young age, 50 is still considered young! Despite his scandals in the recent years, my perception of him still has not change. Rest in peace Michael Jackson, you will always be remembered!

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Michael Jackson, the child star turned King of Pop who set the world dancing but whose musical genius was overshadowed by a bizarre lifestyle and sex scandals, died on Thursday. He was 50.

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Nokia E75 – Teach a Technophobe

WOM World has sent me two sets of Nokia E75 all the way from UK for a E75 Project. The project name is called “Teach a Technophobe”. I have to coach a user, in this case, it will be my mom on how to use the Nokia E75 for email messaging. There will be a few series of challenges for both my mom and I to complete on a weekly basis.


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LG Press Conference at Communica Asia 2009

I took a day off and went to the LG Press Conference at Communica Asia 2009 which takes place yesterday at the Singapore Expo. The event name was called “World Premiere of LG’s Newest Feature Packed Smartphone”. 3 phones were mentioned during the press conference. The LG GD900 Crystal, LG GM730 and the LG Viewty Smart (LG GC900).

LG App Store
LG also announces their own LG Application store which will be opened on the 14th July 2009. It will have about 1,400 apps at launch time out of which about 100 of them are free apps. It will have local applications as well as LG dedicated applications. At lunch time it will only support Windows Mobiles app, if I am not wrong Java and Android apps will be supported eventually.

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Lester Chan’s WordPress Plugins June 2009 Update

Here is my June 2009 WordPress plugins update containing all my 16 WordPress plugins update. All of them should work on WordPress 2.8 as I did not test them on any WordPress version below that.

Now my plugins uses jQuery for AJAX instead of TW-Sack. I have also updated the widget code to make use of the new WordPress 2.8 new Widget class and that supports multi-instances widgets. The widget code has now been merge with the main plugin file so the standalone widget plugin file is no longer in use. Please delete the whole plugin folder and upload it again to avoid any error.

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Video Games Live Singapore

Video Games Live Singapore will take place on the 19th June 2009 (this Friday) at the Singapore Indoor Stadium at 8.30pm. There is a pre-show event happening right before the event at 6.30pm. It will be a 2 hour long concert. Ticket are priced at S$55, S$70, S$85 and S$115 and you can get them from SISTIC

What is Video Games Live?
Video Games Live – the biggest and most popular video game concert in the world debuts in Singapore!
This is a concert event put on by the video game industry to help encourage and support the culture and art that video games have become. Video Games Live (VGL) bridges a gap for entertainment by exposing new generations of music lovers and fans to the symphonic orchestral experience while also providing a completely new and unique experience for families and/or non-gamers. The show is heralded and enjoyed by the entire family. It’s the power & emotion of a symphony orchestra mixed with the excitement and energy of a rock concert and the technology and interactivity of a video game all completely synchronized to amazing cutting edge video screen visuals, state-of-the-art lighting and special on-stage interactive segments with the audience.

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SingTel AMPed

I was invited to the Singtel AMPed event today which is held at Mandarin Oriental. Singtel AMPed is a music service similar to Nokia Comes with Music except that it is not tied down to any phones. It is a music service that you can enjoy regardless if you owned a Nokia, Samsung or a Sony Ericsson mobile phone. It is a free service for you if you are currently on 3G Flexi plans or you have the Broadband on Mobile (200MB) as a value added service.

Here are some of the key features taken from the press release:

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