Received the 4th and final challenge of Teach a Technophobe last week! But both my mom and I was pretty busy and both of us only manage to complete the 4th challenge today.

The 4th challenge involves using a camera to record a video to spread your views on the E75’s email capability. Since my mom is a little camera shy, she do not really want to face the camera. So I thought why not ask my mom to use the E75 to record a video of something and then email me the video so that I can upload it to YouTube.

We are thinking of what to record and we finally decided to record a video of my dad’s pet birds “chirping”.

With the 4th challenge completed, my mom and I have completed the Teach a Technophobe challenges by WOM World. For the past 4 weeks, it has been fun teaching my mom to use the email capabilities in the E75. I also picked up a few things along the way.

Thank you WOM World!

Looking Back: