iPod Shuffle
3 new colors has been added to the iPod Shuffle namely the pink, green and blue. There is also a special edition polished stainless steel available only in the Apple Online Store. The iPod shuffle voice now tells you when your battery is full. 3rd party headphones with the Shuffle remote control is a go!

2GB is going for S$88.00, 4GB is going for S$118 and the special edition polished stainless steel iPod Shuffle is going for S$148 (4GB only).

Official Website: iPod Shuffle
Apple Singapore Store: iPod Shuffle

iPod Nano
The biggest change of all. Now iPod Nano has a built-in video camera, FM Radio and pedometer. It also sports a larger 2.2″ display together with microphone and speaker. Voice over is now supported as well. 8GB is going for S$228 and the 16GB is going for S$288.

Official Website: iPod Nano
Apple Singapore Store: iPod Nano

iPod Classic
The iPod Classic capacity has been bumped from 120GB to 160GB while staying at the same price S$388.

Official Website: iPod Classic
Apple Singapore Store: iPod Classic

iPod Touch
The 8GB iPod Touch has been dropped to S$308. 16GB has been phrase out in favor of a 32GB is for S$468 and 64GB for S$628. The new 32 and 64GB version has a faster processor, 50% faster. Just like the iPhone 3GS.

Official Website: iPod Touch
Apple Singapore Store: iPod Touch

On a side note, iTunes 9 has been released and iPhone OS Firmware 3.1 is available as of today.