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TikTok + LunaTik Multi-Touch Watch Kits

TikTok + LunaTik is a multi-touch watch kits meant for Apple iPod Touch Nano (6th Generation). It is the most successful KickStarter project, raising a total of US$941,718. At first I was skeptical about it, but eventually as the deadline for the project grew closer, Li Xiang decided to just get it for me (thanks dear)!

She was the backer for LunaTik (US$50) alongside with the other 5,012 backers.

Box Front

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TuneWear IceWear iPod Nano 6G

Got the TuneWear IceWear iPod Nano 6G for my iPod Nano 6G from DG Lifestyle Store at VivoCity. It cost S$28.00 and it is totally not worth it!

The packing comes with 2 screen protectors and the silicon cover for your iPod Nano 6G. The screen protector scratches way too easily and the silicon cover is not an exact fit, I find it rather too big for the iPod Nano 6G. Too bad there is no better case out there yet.

Packaging Front

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Apple iPod Nano 16GB (6th Generation)

Order my iPod Nano (6th Generation) on the 30th September 2010 and I received it today. Actually DHL attempted to deliver to my house yesterday but I was not around. This make me realize that they do deliver on weekend. I always thought they are on a 5 days week.

I chose the Graphite color because i think it will blend well with my black Crumpler bag (too bad they do not have black). Picked the 16GB instead of the 8GB because it is only S$50 (S$278 vs S$228) difference and my music collection is about there.

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Nike + iPod Sport Kit With SwitchEasy Runaway

No idea why Li Xiang is so obsessed with sports right now, but she did influence me in some way. I have started jogging every Wednesday since 2 weeks ago and perhaps will extend to jogging twice per week and perhaps in the future 3 times a week. Even when jogging, the gadget freak in me also bought some gadgets for it.

Got my Nike + iPod Sport Kit (S$55) and SwitchEasy Runaway (S$16) from Ion’s EpiCenter. I am intending to use it with my newly bought 6th Generation 16GB iPod Nano (Graphite) (S$278) which will be delivered tomorrow from Apple Store (Singapore). I ordered online because it includes free laser engraving! This is my first time owning an iPod Nano.

Nike + iPod Sport Kit with SwitchEasy Runaway

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Apple Refreshes iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Classic

iPod Shuffle
3 new colors has been added to the iPod Shuffle namely the pink, green and blue. There is also a special edition polished stainless steel available only in the Apple Online Store. The iPod shuffle voice now tells you when your battery is full. 3rd party headphones with the Shuffle remote control is a go!

2GB is going for S$88.00, 4GB is going for S$118 and the special edition polished stainless steel iPod Shuffle is going for S$148 (4GB only).

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iPod New Lineup

Apple has announced a new branch of iPod, called iPod Touch. Updated iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano and the iPod 5th generation is now called iPod Classic.

iPod Touch
Imagine iPhone without the calling function and it is only 8mm thick and you will have the iPod Touch. It come pack with either a 8GB or a 16GB flash drive. The rest of the functions are pretty much the same as iPhone not forgetting it has Wifi too.

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