I always complain that the service level in Singapore is lousy and now with the Are You Being Served? platform, I will see whether what I complain holds true.

Things I hate the most:

  • When you ask “Do you have this product in store”, they will answer, “all the things are displayed on the shelves”.
  • When you ask “Do you have the other model”, they will answer, “No”.
  • Tai-Chi-ing you around. When you ask Person A, Person A ask you to ask Person B, when you ask Person B, Person B ask you to ask back Person A.
  • With the influx of FT in Singapore, it is not uncommon to find sales personnel from China. Some of them do not even understand basic English which makes communication difficult and that begs the question, are we suppose to blend into them by speaking Mandarin or are they suppose to blend into us by learning English. This is really getting out of control.

Technically they did not answer wrongly but it is their attitude that pisses you off. For example, instead of answering “No”, they answer “Sorry, we do not have it”. Wouldn’t it make you feel better than saying a no and brushes you off after that?

Anyway, back to topic, following up on my Are You Being Served?‘s blog post 3 weeks ago, my mission is suppose to commence on the 28th September 2009 and here are my mission details:

  • I will be targeting the retail industry, in particularly the electronics portion.
  • I am intending to get the Sony iPod Dock Clock Radio ICF-C1IPMK2 to replace my analog alarm clock while it charges my iPhone 3GS.
  • I will be getting it from a local electronics store in VivoCity because it is the cheapest with member’s discount.
  • I will be going together with Li Xiang and let her ask all the questions, while I observed the sales personnel.
  • I will be observing his/her patience, attitude, product knowledge and most importantly will he go the extra mile to serve us.

PS: I can’t explicitly named the store to prevent unnecessary lawsuit.