Apple iPhone 4 Universal Dock Adapters

When I first got my iPhone 3G back in 2008, I searched high and low for the dock adapter for my universal dock. I could not find it on Apple Singapore Online Store or in any authorized Apple Reseller Shops.

I only got it a year after (in 2009) when I went to Taiwan for my graduate trip and I saw it selling in an authorized Apple Reseller Shop.

Packaging Front View

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SwitchEasy Nude For iPhone 4

Bought the SwitchEasy Nude for iPhone 4 at VivoCity’s Best Denki for S$32. Not much iPhone 4 cases to choose from since the iPhone 4 has only been launched for less than 2 months.

SwitchEasy Nude is essentially a 1mm thin casing made from GE Lexan polycarbonate material. It is so thin that I almost broke it when I tried to take it out after placing my iPhone in it. I heard numeroes complains that once you drop *touch wood* your iPhone 4 with the casing on, the casing will crack.

Front View

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SingTel iPhone 4 Launch

This is the 3rd time SingTel has launch an iPhone, the first being the iPhone 3G and second being the iPhone 3GS. They got it right this time!

The location was at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre (Hall F) instead of the usual SingTel Comcenter. As this is a proper convention center, the space is huge and it is fully air-conditioned. This time around, it is strictly by appointment basis and no walked in is allowed. They are a few “layers” of security to make sure that happens. Even if your appointment is at 3 am but you came at 11 pm, they will make you queue up under the 3 am queue. As long as people followed their appointment timing, things will be smooth.

Left is 12am Queue. Right is 3am Queue

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StarCraft 2 – Wings Of Liberty – Collector’s Edition

Ordered my StarCraft 2 – Wings Of Liberty – Collector’s Edition from on the 17th July 2010 and it arrived at my door step on 29th July 2010, only 1 day after the official launch.

When I first heard that StarCraft 2 is going to retail for S$109 and from IAH Games, I immediately cancel my pre-order from The Software Boutique because paying S$109 for a normal edition is not really worth it. So I went to check Amazon for the Collector’s Edition, but unfortunately it was sold out. I placed the item on my Amazon alert list so that once the item is available again, Amazon will email me. I received that email on the 17th July 2010 and immediately ordered it alongside with a few of Li Xiang’s book on my wish list.

Box Front
Box Front

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