SingTel OpenNet Fibre Price Plans

SingTel has announced their price plans for OpenNet Fibre Internet connection. From tomorrow (1st September 2010), you can register your interest in the high-speed fibre services at

If you ask me, it is still pretty expensive. I hope they will have a exPress 200 plan because exPress 150 plan is not really a huge jump from Starhub 100Mbps cable.

SingTel OpenNet Price Plans

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MSI N460GTX Cylone 768D5

After much hesitation, finally got a new graphics card to replace mine old Leadtek PX9800GX2 1GB DDR3 which gives me BSOD EVERY SINGLE TIME I run any 3D games. This problem occurred just after a year! RMA onced, but the problem came back to my RMAed set once my warranty is over! If I just use it normally (Programming/Internet/Work), it will work fine. But these task does not do justice to my Core 2 Quad with 8GB of RAM!

I thought that I am getting an iMac soon and will not need a graphics card, but after thinking for a few weeks, I think that is still a long way! I am guessing the iMac will be refreshed with a new design in September 2011 and that is the time I am going to get it!.

Box Front

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Apple iPhone 4 Bumper

Received my Apple iPhone 4 Bumpers (Black) from the iPhone 4 Case Program today. It was shipped on the 20th August 2010 and it took about 5 days to reach me. The Apple iPhone 4 Bumper is retailing for US$29.

I can’t really find anything special about the bumper besides the metallic material used for the volume controls and power button. It does not protect the back which is major disadvantage.

Packaging Front

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Incase Snap Case For iPhone 4

My Incase Snap Case for iPhone 4 (Clear) from the iPhone 4 Case Program has arrived yesterday! Received a shipping notification from Apple on the 16th August 2010 and it took 4 days to reach my letterbox . Since this is a free case, it is being delivered by DHL Global Mail instead of DHL Express and hence the casing is placed in an envelope and delivered to your letterbox instead of your doorstep.

The Incase Snap Case for iPhone 4 is the most expensive case among the iPhone 4 Case Program, retailing for US$34.95.

Packaging Front

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Nokia Box Message #3

Yesterday was #NokiaBox Message #3. The task is unboxing of a gigantic box which contains 2 phones, the Nokia C6. I get to know the details before hand after seeing Mark’s post, Behind the Scenes #NokiaBox Unboxing at Times Square.

I met up with Simon from WOM World at Marina Bay Sands Hotel, it was my first time in the hotel itself. I was expecting the unboxing to be done at the river walk along the convention center. And I least expect the unboxing to be done at Marina Bay Sands SkyPark! I always wanted to go up but I can’t justify paying S$20 for it for non-hotel guest. Nevertheless I was surprise and happy that I can get to visit the SkyPark!


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Klipsch Image S4i

Was finding a suitable replacement for my Creative EP-630i Stereo Headset. I considered Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5vi (S$299), Bose In-Ear Headphones (S$179) and Klipsch Image S4i (S$169) but eventually settled for the Klipsch Image S4i because it was recommended by my colleagues and it fits my budget. I like the 3-button remote control that comes with it and it works well on my iPhone 4.

Heard from my colleagues and surfing Hardware Zone forms that this quite difficult to find it in stores. So I stumbled upon Treoo and Bluetin that sells the Klipsch Image S4i. I eventually chose Treoo because it is cheaper and it doesn’t charge me extra for paying with my PayPal.

Bubble Wrap

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Standard Chartered Breeze Bloggers Meet

I did not have a good first time encounter with Standard Chartered because they rejected my credit card application!! I am pretty sure it is not my salary but rather the number of months (about 6 months) I have work since I graduated. But nevertheless, I re-applied last week again and hopefully this time it will get approved.

I was invited to the Standard Chartered Breeze Bloggers Meet organised by Qais Consulting. The event was held at Boathouse Fullerton. I was there early as usual about 1 hour early and most of the staff from SCB are already there and the reception table has been set up.


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iPhone 4 Case Program

If you bought an iPhone 4 you are entitled to a free case by Apple as part of the iPhone 4 Case Program. You must apply within 30 days of your iPhone 4 purchase and to qualify for this program, you must purchase your iPhone 4 before 30th September 2010.

To register for a free case, you need to to download the “iPhone 4 Case Program” app from the App Store.

My iPhone 4 Case Program Order

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