No idea why Li Xiang is so obsessed with sports right now, but she did influence me in some way. I have started jogging every Wednesday since 2 weeks ago and perhaps will extend to jogging twice per week and perhaps in the future 3 times a week. Even when jogging, the gadget freak in me also bought some gadgets for it.

Got my Nike + iPod Sport Kit (S$55) and SwitchEasy Runaway (S$16) from Ion’s EpiCenter. I am intending to use it with my newly bought 6th Generation 16GB iPod Nano (Graphite) (S$278) which will be delivered tomorrow from Apple Store (Singapore). I ordered online because it includes free laser engraving! This is my first time owning an iPod Nano.

As I am not using the any Nike shoes that supports Nike Plus (I am using Asics), I need to get the SwitchEasy Runaway so that I can secure the wireless sensor to my shoes. An alternative is to get the Shoe Pouch but unfortunately it does not ship to Singapore directly.

For more information, check out:

Nike + iPod Sport Kit with SwitchEasy Runaway

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SwitchEasy Runaway

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PS: This is the first time the pictures are taken with my new Canon PowerShot S95.