It has been 1 year since I started working at mig33 (this is my first job)! Till date, I am still learning lots of new stuff everyday at work!

We do not just do coding, but also reading up on new technology trends and how we can deploy them to production so that they bring benefits to the company. For the past year, I learn stuff like Hadoop, Redis, Memcached, RabbitMQ and on top of that scaling the LAMP stack and making them as efficient as possible is what we do as well.

I have picked up log tailing from my colleagues, analyzing server logs and looking at Cacti graphs. With these, you can identify patterns that leads to exploits and even attacks and how to counter them and effectively preventing it from happening again.

I am with the web team but I have also worked on our Android Client (web pages and native UI) which the first version was released in December 2010.

To mark my first year at mig33 (yea right!), we are releasing the first beta of our next client, mig33 v4.5, which contains new features (Fashion Show, new Gift and Group Chat Room commands) and significant speed optimizations over the previous version (mig33 v4.2).

Also in today release, is our new Facebook App to support Facebook Chat’s XMPP protocol using Facebook Authentication. But eventually more features will be added to this Facebook App =)

After working for a year, I think that if even if you excel with your studies in school, chances are you might not be able to do that with your job. Not every job looks at what grades you got in school or what CCA you attended. It is that extra skill sets or part time job (related to your job) that you have obtained outside your school curriculum that gives you the competitive advantage against your fellow peers when it comes to looking for a job. But of course luck do play a major role in job seeking and interview.

I would not say what I learned in school is totally useless here. Stuff like Java/J2EE, SDLC, Data Structures/Algorithms and Networking are still useful for me. Personally, I think those skills that I picked up on my own because of my interests helps me a lot and it gives me a good head start. Skills like LAMP, JS/AJAX/jQuery, SVN, WordPress (mig33 uses WordPress as well) and even Facebook/Twitter integration.

I am known for my WordPress plugins and if I am with mig33 earlier (before they have WordPress installed), I would have proposed a WordPress strategy or rather I would call it “Proper Usage of WordPress” guide for the company that covers the usage of Posts/Pages/Categories/Plugins/Themes in WordPress to the technical part of WordPress like scaling and security.

Well that basically sums up my 1 year at mig33.

We are still hiring and if you are interested in joining us, do check out our Jobs Page. Currently we have opening for these positions (Send your resume to


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia