I am travelling to the US this December for the first time and I was looking for the US version of HungryGoWhere, many people recommended Yelp, but unfortunately it is not available in Singapore App Store.

I tweeted about it and mentioned @yelp. They replied me 2 days later via Twitter asking me which country I am in, I told them Singapore and in a few hours time, they opened it for Singapore App Store! Kudos to the Yelp Mobile Team!

I am sure this will benefit users who do have a Singapore iTunes Account but not a US one.

You do not need to register a Yelp account to view Yelp, but if you are going to register an account, you need to register an account through a US Proxy as it does location/IP check or you can always wait till you get to the US and register an account.

App Store Link: Yelp (Universal)