My 4+ years old Hitachi 32″ LCD Television (L32A01A) bought on 30th December 2007 for S$1,099 decided to gave up on me. I think either the back-light bulb was blown or the panel is spoilt. There is sound coming out but no image is being displayed.

Decided to get a new TV instead of repairing it as the repair cost might not be worth it and I got the Samsung Series 5 32″ Slim LED Television (UA32ES5500M) for S$899 at Best Denki VivoCity on 15th June 2012.

The UA32ES5500M is very light (6.2kg), has 3 HDMI ports, supports 1920 x 1080 resolution and is Internet ready (via Ethernet or Wireless LAN Adapter). I love the fact that it has 3 HDMI ports, I use 1 to connect to my desktop PC, 1 for my Apple TV and 1 for my AC Ryan Media Player.

I didn’t know nowadays TV are so advanced, you can even import/export your channel settings. I have problem finding a list of MediaCorp channels and its frequency and hence I have compiled a list below:

  • RTM TV1: 55,000 KHz
  • Starhub Preview Channel: 76,000 KHz
  • MediaCorp Channel 5: 175,000 KHz
  • MediaCorp Channel 8: 196,000 KHz
  • MediaCorp Suria: 224,000 KHz
  • MediaCorp Channel U: 487,000 KHz
  • MediaCorp Vasantham: 495,000 KHz
  • MediaCorp Okto: 503,000 KHz
  • MediaCorp Channel News Asia: 543,000 KHz

The only issue that I do not like about the TV is the ports located at the back panel. Since the TV is so thin (47mm), there is not much allowance between the wall and the back panel (I am mounting it on the wall) and hence the cable head (like my HDMI cable and my Xbox 360 Component Cable) is pressing against the wall. This result in the slight tilting up of the TV, it is bearable but irritating for an OCD guy like me.

I bought the Right-angle HDMI Male to Female Adapter/Converter but since one HDMI port is above another, and the other HDMI port is above the Component port, the adapter is pretty much useless. I am going to get another adapter, HDMI Male to Female Right Angle Adapter instead.

UA32ES5500M - Box
UA32ES5500M – Box
UA32ES5500M - Box Content
UA32ES5500M – Box Content
UA32ES5500M - Wireless LAN Adapter
UA32ES5500M – Wireless LAN Adapter
UA32ES5500M - Back Panel
UA32ES5500M – Back Panel
UA32ES5500M - Side Panel
UA32ES5500M – Side Panel
UA32ES5500M - With Stand
UA32ES5500M – With Stand
UA32ES5500M - Mounted On The Wall
UA32ES5500M – Mounted On The Wall
My room
My Room