SingTel Launches Acer’s New Windows Phones

Acer neoTouch and beTouch E100 will be exclusive to SingTel customers. The next generation Windows Mobile touchscreen interface supports hundreds of Microsoft-certified mobile apps

Singapore, 9 October 2009 – SingTel and Acer today jointly announced the Singapore launch of Acer’s first Windows phones, Acer neoTouch and beTouch E100, exclusive to SingTel customers from 17 October 2009. They will be among the first in the world to enjoy both smartphones, which run the new Windows Mobile 6.5.

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INQ Mini 3G Unboxing

I have received the INQ Mini 3G review set today. Before I review it something next week, here are some unboxing pictures as well as a video on the start up and shut down animation of the INQ Mini 3G. After playing it for an hour, I find the integration between Facebook and Twitter is pretty neat especially the ability to sync your Facebook Contacts to your phonebook as well as composing Facebook Private Message right in your Message Box (the area where you would go to SMS).

A more detailed review will be out next week.

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SingTel Launches INQ Mini 3G

Yet another first from SingTel. SingTel first in Asia to launch INQ Mini 3G, the ultimate 3G social networking mobile phone.

Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SingTel) and INQ Mobile today announced that SingTel mobile customers will soon become the first in Asia and among the first in the world to get their hands on the ultimate 3G social mobile phone, the new INQ Mini 3G.

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Nokia N900 Officially Announced

After the leak pressed released shot and a review by Eldar of Mobile Review, the Nokia N900 has been officially announced. The Nokia N900 will be available in selected markets from October 2009.

Maemo 5 injects speed and power into mobile computing
The new Nokia N900: Computer-grade performance in a handset

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LG GM730 Unboxing

Finally I have received the retail unit of LG GM730. Preciously there was a big commotion among the bloggers who received the LG GM730. Some report that the battery looks old and hence that explains the extremely short battery life of less than 12 hours on standby, some also reported that there are scratches on the phone and on the battery. That made us wonder whether the unit given to us are the final unit (they told us it is the final one) or some prototype unit as it has the word “Not for sale” embossed behind the cover. To make matter worst, we received it in a press release A4 size file holder which only consists of the phone, battery and charger. I am glad everything is sorted out and we have received the retail unit of the LG GM730 in a proper box in exchange for the previously worn-out unit.

Here are some unboxing pictures. I will do a review on it soon. Pretty busy right now.

Small And Compact Box
Small And Compact Box

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SingTel iPhone 3GS Launch Event

I was there last year at the Singtel iPhone 3G Launch queuing up for the iPhone 3G as a normal consumer. This year I was also there, but with a media pass. I was there pretty early at about 1.30pm because I have to go to Funan to run some errands. The media event started at about 3.30pm. We are brought around the Comcenter by Yuen Kuan Moon, the EVP of Consumer from Singtel. He explains to us the various part of the queue structure and how the customers will move about when queuing. Apart from that, Singtel announced a new service called Mio TV on Mobile. Customers can get to stream live tv stream from Channel 8, Channel News Asia, Bloomberg and a few others. It is not an iPhone App, but rather the streaming is done in Safari itself. It is pretty impressive as the quality is watchable and it doesn’t lag.

According to Kuan Moon, this year the response was much better than last year. He did not give an exact figure but he says in thousands. Last year the launch of iPhone 3G is basically register of interest and user still have to queue up. But this year, Singtel did a pre-order and require the customers to make a deposit of S$50 before queuing. There is also a separate queue for walk-in customers which closes at about 9pm due to the overwhelming response on the pre-order queue.

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