Bluelounge CableClip

As you know by now, I am a huge fan of Bluelounge products, my latest purchase from them this time round is the CableClip. I got all 3 sizes (Small, Medium & Large) from Challenger at Funan. Each cost S$16.90 and after 10% member’s discount, it cost S$15.21. I have to say these clips are pretty expensive, but I think of it as supporting a company that makes great products!

All 3 Sizes

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Bluelounge CableBox

The Bluelounge CableBox is the first Bluelounge product that I bought. I bought it when I was in Hong Kong back in April 2011 for HK$288 (~S$45.67) at city’super. Too bad they only have white color over there.

In Singapore you can find both the black and white color at Challenger (Funan) or at EpiCentre@Ion Orchard retailing for S$49.90 (Member’s Price: S$44.91).


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Bluelounge Refresh

I am just a huge fan of Bluelounge products. The Bluelounge Refresh is the first Bluelounge refresh that I came in contact with at EpiCentre@Ion Orchard. Too bad at that time, there is only pink color available and hence I got the Konnext SynCharger instead.

Fast forward 5 months later, the black color is back at EpiCentre@Ion Orchard and I just had to get it (there is also a white color available). It is retailing for S$139 (Member’s Price: S$125.10). I had pass down the Konnect SynCharger to my brother instead =p

Box Front

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Konnext SynCharger

With gadgets comes the amount of messy wires and power sockets needed if you want to charge them simultaneously.

Been eying on a charging station in particular the Bluelounge’s Refresh for a few days, it is very hard to find in Singapore. I went to all the Apple stores in Orchard and VivoCity and only EpiCentre at Ion Orchard carries it, but there is only 1 and only set left which is pink (selling for S$138)! The sales personnel told me that the supplier ran out of Black and White stock.

Box Front

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