Nokia Tube

As you may or may not know, “Tube” is the codename for the next S60 touch screen aka iPhone killer from Nokia. The OS behind it is the 5th generation of the S60.

Of course, it has a pretty respectable list of features, starting with a great high resolution (16:9) touch screen, larger than 3" but still smaller than 3,5". Yes it has a camera, a decent auto focus one that is way better than the one that we can find on an iPhone but still not as good as on the latest Nseries devices!

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Configuring Nokia Phones WLAN For NUS Wireless

First things first, your Nokia Phone must be 802.11 enabled, be it a Nseries or an Eseries phone. I am using S60 3rd edition Symbian OS 9.2 as an example. But in theory it should work with other editions of S60 Symbian OS as well.

We will be using NUS WLAN SSID “NUS” instead of “NUSOPEN”, as “NUS” is protected by PEAP.

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Nokia And Microsoft Silverlight

Nokia is bringing Microsoft Silverlight to S60 on Symbian OS later this year. Now we just need Adobe Flash Lite 3 to be delivered to our mobile phones through a firmware update. You can get the Adobe Flash Lite 3 Developer Edition if you can’t wait.

Espoo, Finland – Nokia today announced plans to make Microsoft Silverlight available for S60 on Symbian OS, the world’s leading smartphone software(1), as well as for Series 40 devices and Nokia Internet tablets. Adding support for Silverlight will extend opportunities for developers to create rich, interactive applications that run on multiple platforms in a consistent and reliable way.

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N-Gage First Impression

Nokia announced the N-Gage platform last August during Nokia: Go Play event held in London (global press conference) as well as in Singapore (Asia Pacific press conference). As some of you might recognize N-Gage as being referred to as gaming mobile phones ( N-Gage Classic and N-Gage QD) 5 years ago. Nokia has since moved on to using a software approach where N-Gage can be accessed on almost all the later mobile phones rather than being tied down to specific devices. N-Gage games used to be cartridges but now it is distributed straight to the N-Gage platform using Ovi (Nokia’s “umbrella concept” Internet services).
I was invited by Nseries WOM World to beta test the N-Gage platform and share my views and thoughts with the rest of my readers. They sent me a Nokia N81 8GB all the way from UK to Singapore came fully loaded with my N-Gage Profile and 4 unlocked (full version) games.

I am not really a mobile games person as I normally do not play games on my mobile phone. But after playing around with N-Gage for about 1 week, I am kinda addicted to playing games on the N-Gage when I am waiting for someone or I got nothing to do.

Home Tab
Home Tab

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N-Gage Beta Tester

Nseries WOM World has selected me to help Nokia beta test N-Gage and they even sent me a Nokia N81 8GB all the way from UK to Singapore by DHL.

According to the user agreement, the phone will be on loan to me for 2 weeks, but hopefully they can extend it for me as I am still waiting for my Nokia N82 from Nokia Singapore (it has been 3 months, sigh).

DHL Parcel
DHL Parcel

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Nokia N78 And N96 Official

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Website: Official Nokia N96 Site
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Nokia N78
Nokia N78

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