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Crumpler Bag – Dry Red No. 3

Bought the Crumpler Dry Red No. 3 from Crumpler Ion Orchard. It is retailing for S$299 and if you pay by American Express (AMEX) credit card, there is a 10% discount, so after the discount, it cost S$269.10.

The Crumpler Dry Red No. 3 is a carry-on cabin luggage and it fits exactly the cabin of the plane (I have seen my colleague used it). It measures 38cm x 55cm x 23cm (Width x Height x Depth) and weights 2.7kg.

Dry Red No. 3 - Front View
Dry Red No. 3 – Front View

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Crumpler Bag – Dry Red No. 2

Saw the Crumpler Dry Red No. 2 a couple of months back, but it was out of stock island-wide. So when the stock came back in last week, I immediately went down and bought it. I went to VivoCity but they did not have a new piece, so they reserved a new piece for me at their Raffles City branch.

Crumpler Singapore is very active on their Facebook Page, it is so easy to check on stocks and prices, just post on their wall, and they will get back to you within 48 hours! Thumbs up for their customer engagement!

Front View
Front View

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Off To Taiwan For My Graduate Trip

Took my last exams paper in NUS last Thursday on 3rd December 2009. It was an evening paper so it lasted from 5pm till 7pm. So technically I have graduated, but I can only double confirm it when my results are out on the 22nd December 2009.

Looking back last year on the 14th December 2008, I was also going to Taiwan.

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