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Happy 26th Birthday Li Xiang!

Celebrated Li Xiang’s birthday with a stay at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) on Friday. We book pretty early and chose the Rise & Shine Package which includes 1 night stay and breakfast at Rise Cafe for two. Paid S$389 (S$457.85 after tax).

It is pretty expensive but I say it is totally worth it! Considering we paid S$270 for our 6th anniversary stay at Scarlet Hotel which has nothing and the room is much smaller and lack any window view. I would say MBS is not too expensive.

Inifinity Pool Left View

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Nokia Box Message #3

Yesterday was #NokiaBox Message #3. The task is unboxing of a gigantic box which contains 2 phones, the Nokia C6. I get to know the details before hand after seeing Mark’s post, Behind the Scenes #NokiaBox Unboxing at Times Square.

I met up with Simon from WOM World at Marina Bay Sands Hotel, it was my first time in the hotel itself. I was expecting the unboxing to be done at the river walk along the convention center. And I least expect the unboxing to be done at Marina Bay Sands SkyPark! I always wanted to go up but I can’t justify paying S$20 for it for non-hotel guest. Nevertheless I was surprise and happy that I can get to visit the SkyPark!


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