Received my Speck PixelSkin HD (Black) from the iPhone 4 Case Program 2 days ago. It was shipped on the 7th September 2010 and I received it on the 14th September 2010.

The PixelSkin HD is made up of Thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) which makes it much harder than those cheap silicon cases. I like the finish of the case, it is in matt black and according to Wikipedia, it is resistance to oil, grease and abrasion and hence it is somewhat resistance to fingerprints!

I find the “pixels” at the back are just for decorative purposes as I don’t find it improving my grip on the iPhone 4.

Similar to the Apple iPhone 4 Bumper, I think the PixelSkin HD is slightly loose and hence when you press any both sides (top and bottom, left and right) at the same time, it will have a small squeaking sound which I find it irritating. It will be good if it is much tighter fit.

The PixelSkin HD adds some bulk to the iPhone 4 and hence it can’t really fit into the Moshi iPouch easily (it still can fit) and because TPU material is slightly rubbery, it makes sliding it into the iPouch even more difficult.

I will be using the PixelSkin HD for a while replacing my Incase Snap Case to see how it goes.

My previous cases from the iPhone 4 Case Program:

Check out my post on iPhone 4 Case Program if you need more information on the iPhone 4 cases from the iPhone 4 Case Program. You got 14 more days left (till 30th September 2010) to buy the iPhone 4 if you want to get the free iPhone 4 case from the iPhone 4 Case Program. Do note that is the cut off date for iPhone 4 purchases.

Packaging Front

Packaging Back

PixelSkin HD Front

PixelSkin HD Back

iPhone 4 With PixelSkin HD