P&Q2 Exams Over

Went to Clementi to eat lunch with my girlfriend before going to school to take my P&Q2 exams. Ate the Katong Laksa there, well it is the best stall at the coffee shop, wanted to eat at the market there, but I think they doing some renovation or fogging, all the stalls not opened.

My P&Q2 exams today was rather easy compared with the 2 other papers I took last week, left 2 more exams which will be on this Wednesday, 30th October 2002 and Friday, 1st November 2002.

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Bah Kut Teh

Went to eat Bah Kut Teh(Pork Ribs Soup) in the morning, also long time since I ate it. Went to Suntec after that to look for window air-con, need to install it in the study room, so that my brother can sleep in that room rather then sleeping with my parents. Now only 2 rooms are air-conned, which is my room and my parents room.

Went to Carrefour after that, bought Best 2002 Vol 2 CD. Ate NYDC for my tea-break which is around 5pm. Came back studied P&Q2 and watch some television, did not eat dinner, had a very heavy meal at NYDC.

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Minced Pork Noodle

Went to eat Minced Pork Noodle in the morning at Best Way Building the canteen there. Long time since I ate that. That Minced Pork Noodle stall there, can be considered Singapore’s Best Minced Pork Noodle, it have received many food awards, another of its branch is at Marina Square in the non-aircon foodcourt (be warned that you must at least queue for 1 hour during peak periods like lunch time).

Came back studied P&Q2 still I felt asleep, slept till about 5.30pm then wake up and study again. LOL.

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IWED Exams Over

My girlfriend came my house in the morning to study IWED, went downstairs the coffeeshop to eat lunch, as usual ate Wan Ton Mee. Hehe. Before proceeding to school, also went to Tiong Bahru Plaza to buy some bread from Bread Talk.

Overall IWED exams is not that difficult after all, maybe tricky questions, hope can get at least aa B for this module

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Kenny Rogers

As usual, woke up at about 12pm, waited till almost 2pm then had my lunch. Had an appointment to eat lunch with my mom and bro. Went to eat Kenny Rogers at Great World City. Came back played a bit of games then studied IWED for the 3rd time till dinner time. Hehe

Went to Alexandra Hawker Center for dinner, ate the Prawn Noodle there, drank Banana Milk Shake. Both taste not bad. Hehe. Came back again studied IWED for the 4th time, getting sick of it, but what to do, need to study it for tomorrow exams.

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Study IWED Day

Woke up at 12pm today, wanted to go down for lunch, but luckily my mom bought food back for me from ABC Market, fried sliced fish soup with rice, although it is not bad, still cannot beat the one at Maxwell Market. Studied my IWED till about 3pm, then took a nap till dinner time. Ate dinner at home, mom cooked. After dinner continued to study my IWED and revise through past semester paper, I thought it was easier than DEUI, but I was wrong, DEUI seems to be easier.

Sad day for me, my girlfriend had a terrible gastric problem, she went to see the Doctor and the doctor say her gastric not too good. Cannot drink or eat cold stuffs. Hope she will get well and recover very soon. Sighz.

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DEUI Exams Over

My girlfriend came my house in the morning, studied together with her, later went for lunch at my house there the coffee shop. Ate the wan ton mee, long time since I ate that at the coffee shop, I have been eating the wan ton mee stall from young, at least 10 over years. LOL. Those were the days.

Leave my house at 4pm for school, paper starts at 6pm. Well overall the paper was quite ok, not that difficult or not that easy either, the whole paper only 1 question which I do not know how to do, and I check with my classmates, they all also don’t know how to do it. LOL. Hope teacher will moderate that questions.

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Infra-Red Blues

Woke up at 12pm to talk to my girlfriend, as she is online, and will be online only for a while, so better seize the chance. LOL. Went to Great World City for lunch, ate Tepanyaki at the food court there. Long time since I ate that.

Came back study my DEUI notes for the 3rd time, later on play abit of UT2K3 and play around with my handphone, discovered some very useful functions, like automatic keyguard, operator logo on/off, etc.. Dinner was ate at home, my mom cooked, long time since I ate dinner at home. Hehe

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New Phone

Woo, bought my Nokia 7210 from M1 Shop at Paragon, cost $578, but trade-in my Nokia 8310, minus $200, so I pay only $378. Hehe =) Nokia 7210 is cool, so far no bugs encountered except on how to establish a connection to my PC. I got an error “IrSocketAPI error(0x80043205, NokiaCL.ServiceLayer)” whenever I try to select my Nokia 7210 after my WinXP has detected it. Weird error, I don’t think there is any problem with my PC or phone, I think it is Nokia PC Suite 5.0 problem. Hmm, has emailed Nokia Care about it, hope they can reply me asap. Can’t wait to upload some MIDI ringtones and graphics to my phone.

Came back at about 1.30pm, studied DEUI with breaks in between until dinner time with is about 7pm, mom cooked. Tomorrow will be a study day for me, will spend the whole day studying DEUI, as that is my first exams on 22nd October 2002. =)

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Overslept in the morning, long time since I overslept, suppose to wake up at 9am, in the end woke up at 9.30am. If not for my girlfriend sms, I think I will wake even later. Suppose to meet in school at 10am, so no choice but to ask my dad to fetch me to school, taking bus will require at least 30 minutes, with car, only 15 minutes. Hehe.

Watch many videos done by our fellow coursemates, too bad due to time constraints, they did not show the video which I acted in, so sad. After everything, went to Marina Square and ate Hans for lunch with the Lianz Tong , just for your information, I think Marina Square is the worst Hans branch. Hehe

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