2002/2003 Semester 1 Modules Grades

Just got my results fresh from SPEED, same results as what I get last semester, 1 AD and the rest all Bs. Not too bad.

Your module grades are as follows:

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Modules Results Very Soon

Took lunch at my house downstairs coffeeshop with Lian, ate the chicken shredded noodle. Came back home complete my mom’s site, so now left about 5 products with no item codes or price, will double check it with my mom.

While going to Tiong Bahru Plaza, saw my secondary school friends, the group that I used to hang out with, LOL, so coincidence, they were on the way to play basketball, finally they saw me with Lian.

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Amara Hotel’s Food Court

Went to Amara Hotel the food court for lunch, well I must say that the Thai food and Korean food there is very delicious but it is more expensive than most of the food courts. Maybe because of the rent there.

After lunch followed my mom to bank and some other places, came back home at about 3.30pm. My mom’s site is more or less done, left some products’ item code and price that we left out, other than that it is completed. My Mom brought back home quite a number of products for me to take a picture of them, woo work time!

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Korea vs Brazil

Went to Great World City’s Kenny Rogers for lunch after fetching my brother from Tiong Bahru Plaza, he just came back from chalet and is 3/4 dead. Thats the after effects of chalet. LOL

Got a feeling I am getting a fever soon as I feel very restless, so went to eat 2 panadole and make myself perspire by doing exercise, and I feel much better now. Hehe, I am weak nowadays, damm it, hate to fall sick.

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Sick Week

Went to Tiong Bahru Plaza for lunch with Lian, ate the sliced fish porridge something which is “light” as I am still sick. Wow, after reading my classmates’ blogs then I realise many of them got sick too, it must be a sickening week I guess. LOL

Woo, my mom do really sells lots of products, the product list is 5 pages, with an average of 50 products on 1 page, thats make about 250 products(including different packaging). Left 16 products images more to upload and I need to add in the item code and price for all the 50(including the 16). After that is done, I still need to take pictures of some more products.

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Unbeatables III

Did the same old usual stuffs like last week, update my mom’s company’s website, almost done, should be able to finish by this week. The site is quite slow, do not really know whether the fault lies with WebVisions(the host) of the file size of the page.

Came back played a little Unreal Tournament 2003 with cheats this time, woo, I must say the last weapon(Redeemer) is indeed very powerful, can killed so many people within a huge radius. The Ion Painter is also quite powerful.

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Flu Virus

Slept till 12.30pm, wanted to follow my mom to SpotLight at Orchard Point to buy the curtain’s cloth, but couldn’t wake up, so didn’t went.

After playing a few rounds of Yahoo Literati and Starcraft: Brood War, it is almost 6pm. Slept for a while till 7pm, then went for dinner at Singapore Swimming Club, ate the international buffet there, $22, quite a wide spread of food, but the food quality is not that great.

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Tiong Bahru Plaza

Hehe, from now on I think I shall address my girlfriend as Lian in here, sounds nicer and more personal.

Went to Tiong Bahru Plaza for lunch with Lian and my brother, ate the usual Spicy Beef Vegetable Soup Set from the Korean Stall. Went to walk round Tiong Bahru Plaza for a while, Lian bought 2 comics and my brother bought the orange Converse “Grass” slippers.

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GIRO For EZ-Link Card

Went to my mom’s office to take pictures of the products, had a hard time finding a suitable location to place the products, the place is always too dark, so no choice but to place it at a place where it is nearer to sunlight, even so, the pictures taken is not as bright as I though, still can make it though. Took about a total of about 50 pictures.

After that went to apply GIRO for my EZ-Link card after that, so now once the value reach below $0, it will auto top-up $20. Save me the trouble to queue up for 15 minutes just to top up $20 at the counter.

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