$300 Takashimaya And Nokia N78

Before I went to KL, I received an email from Felicia and an SMS from Supriya saying I won a contest that I took part with Text 100 at the Nokia Connection 2008. As Nokia Connection 2008 saw the launched of Nokia E71 and E66, the first thing that comes to my mind is that I might have just won either of the mobile phones. Few minutes later, Felicia sent me the 2nd email and told me that I won S$300 Takashimaya Vouchers. I was like WOW.

I have not won anything since my polytechnic graduation dinner and dance draw which I only won a S$50 Converse voucher. This is the biggest prize I have won so far, but nevertheless, I still don’t believe in lucky draws or contests =p

S$300 Takashimaya Vouchers
S$300 Takashimaya Vouchers

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My Weekend Trip To Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Friday, 18th July 2008
I had a short weekend (Friday to Sunday) trip with Li Xiang, mum and my uncle (mum’s elder brother) to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My uncle drove there. It is about 340km from Singapore all the way to Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. We supposed to set off at 2pm but somehow my grandfather GTAed the car without telling anyone about it. When we managed to contact him, it is already about 3.30pm and my uncle has to send him home first before driving the car. So we are late by about 2 hours.

On our way to KL, my uncle got distracted as we keep talking and he misses one of the turn on the highway. We reached KL, he also misses a turn to Bukit Bintang and hence we reached out hotel at about 8pm. My uncle is driving at about 130km/h to 140km/h, so technically we would need about 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach KL.

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Mum’s Birthday Celebration

Last Friday, 11th July 2008, marks my mum 50th birthday. We went to celebrate at Pete’s Place in Hyatt Hotel. Food there was rather disappointing as compared to their Sunday lunch buffet. The price range from S$20 to S$40 for a main course. Each main course is entitled for the bread bar.

Skype with my dad when we came home and we cut the cake “in front” of him. Technology really brings people closer regardless of the location he is in.

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Mystery Shopper

After 1 month of weekends into my Mystery Shopper part-time job, time for me to blog/rant about it so that I can share it with you all.

Mystery shopper may sound like a nice, interesting, and perhaps a unique job. I would have to agree on that at the beginning and totally disagree on that after just 1 day of being a mystery shopper as it is becoming a chore instead.

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Busy Weekends

Zhang Dong Liang (Nicholas Teo) Concert
Li Xiang bought the S$98 ticket to the Zhang Dong Liang Concert as there is a 10% discount from SISTIC. Apart from there, I think that SISTIC ticketing is a rip off. They increase their surcharge from $2 to $3 and apart from that, I have to pay handling charges. This is so ridiculous. This is what happen in Singapore when there is a monopoly. Just look at the fares for public transport, they keep increasing and increasing and we cannot do anything about it but to suck our own thumb.

Putting the price aside, the concert was fantastic, I think it is the best concert I have been to so far (I have been to only 3). The location is good, it is at Suntec Convention Center. The lighting is good. There is 2 screen projection on the left and right side with transition when switching to in-between cameras. There is even lyrics on the screen when he sang the song. I like concert when there is some talking and interaction rather than just pure singing. Zhang Dong Liang did just that by sharing us his life story including pictures of him when he is young projected on the screen.

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