Overslept in the morning, long time since I overslept, suppose to wake up at 9am, in the end woke up at 9.30am. If not for my girlfriend sms, I think I will wake even later. Suppose to meet in school at 10am, so no choice but to ask my dad to fetch me to school, taking bus will require at least 30 minutes, with car, only 15 minutes. Hehe.

Watch many videos done by our fellow coursemates, too bad due to time constraints, they did not show the video which I acted in, so sad. After everything, went to Marina Square and ate Hans for lunch with the Lianz Tong , just for your information, I think Marina Square is the worst Hans branch. Hehe

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DSAL Assignment Deadline

Today is my DSAL assignment, I again volunteered to be the first group to be interviewed, so that I can go home first, left school at about 10am, came home immediately went to sleep, was very tired, woke up at 4pm to fetch my girlfriend to my house.

Waited for 123 at my house for so damm long, was damm pissed off, so I took a another bus out to change to other buses to go to Tiong Bahru Plaza. At Tiong Bahru Plaza, also waited for the bloody 123 to come until I was so pissed off, waited more than 30 minutes for the bloody bus.

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WWWP Assignment Deadline

Today is WWWP assignment deadline, was the first group to be interviewed, because I volunteered to be the first, the first to start, the first to go. After the interview went to Clementi for lunch, ate the Wan Ton Mee there, ordered $3, and the portion was so much, almost cannot finish, next time I shall not order $3. LOL

Went back to school to attend DEUI lecture, was 15 minutes late, but apparently there are less than 30 students in the lecture theatre, where it suppose to have at least 80 students. Completed my DSAL assignment in school after the DEUI, fixed almost all bugs and implemented some stuffs. It can be considered done, and the deadline and interview for this assignment is tomorrow. Woot.

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Busy Busy Busy

Sorry for not updating for the past 2 days, was very tired and busy doing DSAL assignment. Lucky my girlfriend posted the blog yesterday, so I just post what happen on Monday.

Monday – 14/10/2002
Went to eat Nooch to celebrate Jean’s Birthday, we wanted to treat her, but end up she treat us. LOL. After eating went to Far East Shopping Center, bought 2 FourSkins t-shirts there, the t-shirt there is cheaper, cost $27 for 1, whereas Hereen sell at $29. Later went home halfway because my girlfriend have sudden rashes on her neck, so I send here home immediately, before coming home.

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CANI Assignment2 Deadline

Didn’t update this blog yesterday, was away almost the whole day, helping my uncle to move house, then later went to Ikea for dinner, his treat. Came back immediately did my DSAL assignment till 2am, then when to sleep.

Came to school for WWWP lecture, and the lecture lasted less than 30 minutes, waste my trip to school, and further more that is my only lesson of the day considered the next lesson is DSAL lecture is at 4pm, and I decided to give it a go.

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Nokia 7210

WOo, went to school in the morning to do CANI, almost never do anything at all, most of the work all done by Reaper. Waited for my girlfriend to finish CANI, then we set off to Orchard Road for a walk with Jean and Zhi Wei. Had a light meal at Wisa foodcourt, ate the Hakka Yong Tao Foo, recommended by City Beat. It is delicious. Went to Hello@Orchard, they have a promotion there, saw the 7210, meddle with it a while, it is so nice, the colors, icons, ringing tones, told my mom that I will be getting it within this month. Hehe. Later on went to Cineleisure Long John Silver for dinner.

Will be helping my uncle move house tomorrow. Woot.

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IWED Deadline

Today is IWED assignment2 deadline, didn’t edit since yesterday, handed in way before the deadline which is 5pm, lecturer will be conducting an interview with our group on Tuesday at 11am. Left school at about 3.30pm, didn’t do much stuffs in school excpect for DSAL assignment, the progress looks good, hope I can finished it by the deadline.

Went to Orchard for shopping, bought UT2K3 at PK Computer store for $64.90, free 1 poster, and the poster is very nice and big. Ate dinner at Orchard Point food court, the Korean food there is nice, but didn’t try it because the queue is so long, anyway the food court food sucks except maybe for that Korean food.

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Nothing much unusual happen in school today escept for a few IWED assignment 2 bugs, fixed all those and ready to pass it up tomorrow. Left school at about 5.30pm for dinner at Suntec City, ate the Laksa at Congress Koptitiam, could not resist the temptation of it, it is simply so delicious. LOL.

Got an A for my WWWP mid-term test. In summary, here are my mid-term test and assignment 1 grades, WWWP Test – A, DEUI Assignment1 – A, IWED Assignment1 – B, P&Q2 Assignment2 – B, DSAL Test – B, ENTRE Assignment – B, CANI Assignment1 – C. Not to bad overall, but there is still room for improvement.

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CANI Assignment 2 Deadline Extended

I hate this when lectures extend deadline, it will just crash with some extended deadlines assignments, thought can enjoy my weekends, but I don’t think so after my CANI assignment 2 deadline is extended to Monday, 14th October 2002. Arrgghhhh. Need to find sound effects, which is not that easy although I found a few, most of them need to pay.

Left school at about 5.30pm, school computer labs close very early on Wednesdays. Went to Orchard with my girlfriend and Zhi Wei, he want to buy something. LOL. On the way I bought a fourSkins t-shirt, cost me 29 bucks. Had dinner at Cineleisure foodcourt, hot and sour noodle, yummy.

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Entrepreneurship Test

Had my entrepreneurship test today, well overall it is quite easy, 50 minutes paper, finish within 20 minutes. Later on went to NP to return Paranoia back his friend’s disc. Came back to school again and stayed till 7.30pm, and can’t imagine at 7.30pm the computer lab is still full. LOL. All rushing assignments. SP server sucks, very lousy, 1 minute no error 1 minute error, do IWED till very frustrated. Grrr

Went to Bugis to eat dinner, had Claypot Fish Curry, not too bad the dish but it is not spicy enough, very tired now, well be going to sleep after posting thus BLOG.

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