Integrated Flickr Gallery

I have integrated Flickr API with this site using Dan Coulter‘s phpFlickr. The newly added gallery page is called Flickr Gallery. The gallery lists all the photos I have uploaded to my Flickr account. As you can see, I no longer upload photos directly to this site gallery anymore as it is a PITA to manage them. I have since moved on to Flickr for all my photos.

Here are some of the Flickr APIs that I am using for the gallery:

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Minor Site Updates December 2009

WordPress 2.9 has been released on the 19th December 2009. Here are some of the highlights of WordPress 2.9:

At that time I was in Hong Kong and couldn’t upgrade this site at all. I came back yesterday and perform the upgrade today. Everything went smoothly, looks like not much changes that will break plugins compatibility as the current version of my plugins works fine as well.

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All About

Server Specifications
This site can be considered running on a dedicated server as it only host 30 other domains which belongs to friends and families of both Michael and I. This server is housed at M1 Connect (previously known as Qala). It has 1mbps guaranteed and 10mbps burstable bandwidth.

I also have a backup server provided by Vodien Internet Solutions which I will rysnc to manually every week.

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