Dragon Ball Z LEGO Compatible Minifigures

I was staying at Empire Hotel Subang for MTV World Stage 2014 (Thanks to GoodStuph for the sponsor). Below the hotel is a shopping mall called Empire Shopping Gallery.

What caught my eye was a shop named Anime Trend and they are located on the first floor of the shopping mall. The shop sells lots of figurines related to anime and I spotted them selling the Dragon Ball Z LEGO Compatible Minifigures! Of course they are not the official items since there are no official LEGO Dragon Ball Minifigs.

Dragon Ball Z LEGO Compatible Minifigures - Box Front
Dragon Ball Z LEGO Compatible Minifigures – Box Front

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LEGO Custom World Cup Minifigures by

It is the World Cup season and has come up with customised “LEGOfied” minifigure sets for 8 qualifying countries: Brazil, Spain, Japan, Germany, Italy, Argentina, England and Netherlands.

The names and numbers on the minifigures can be personalised. All minifigures are entirely poseable (not guled) and come with their own metallic gold trophy. With every purchase, you will also get a minifiglabs 6×6 stackable display case with a country flag decal as the backdrop.
Note that all designs are printed on original blank LEGO minifigure parts.

Spain LEGO MinifigsJapan LEGO Minifigs
Spain/Japan LEGO Minifigs

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LEGO That Qualifies For AmazonGlobal Saver

In case you are not aware, Amazon do provide free shipping to Singapore through its AmazonGlobal Saver program. Your order has to be above US$125 (S$156) and every item in your order has to qualify for AmazonGlobal Saver.

As long as one of your items doesn’t qualify for AmazonGlobal Saver, your whole order doesn’t qualify. Anything single item that is bigger than 18 x 11 x 8 inches (45cm x 28cm x 20cm) or 20 pounds (9kg) will not qualify for AmazonGlobal Saver. I also heard that if your single item costs more than US$50 it will not qualify for AmazonGlobal Saver as well.

AmazonGlobal Eligible
AmazonGlobal Eligible

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LEGO Custom Minifigures by

Received my custom LEGO Minifigures (Minifig) from is a service started by a Singaporean company, Fish & Toast. It allows you to create your very own printed personalised LEGO Minifigures.

I was given the Cool Denim Couple Set which consists of two custom Minifig (printed with Lay Hiang and my name) and another custom Minifig with my logo printed on it.'s Prices’s Prices

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Tamagotchi iD

Li Xiang said she did not own a Tamagotchi before and so happen that my mom’s friend is coming to Singapore for a business trip from Japan, and I asked my mom to ask him to help me buy. This shall be Li Xiang belated birthday present =D

And here you have it Tamagotchi iD direct from Japan. It is all in Japanese, there is no English version.

Box - Front View
Box – Front View

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Curious About LEGO?

Gizmodo goes to LEGO and gives you an article on everything you always wanted to know about LEGO.

Q: Why did I always have pieces left over when I built my castle sets? Do they just do that to jack with kids?
A: For two reasons: first, because some pieces are so small that they weigh too little to be measured by their scale, during packaging (you will see this when I publish the factory tour. J.) Second, because it’s better to have too many of those pieces than have one of them missing. Since we statistically know what pieces may get lost, we include some extras when appropriate.

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