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Happy Lunar New Year 2010

This week marks the end of my second week of work at mig33. Work for me has been smooth. I like my job because it is what I like to do and what I used to do previously. Instead of coding WordPress plugins for the WordPress community, I am coding mig33 software for the mig33 community.

Today is the eve of Lunar New Year, I hereby wishes all Chinese a Happy Lunar New Year! And hope that they DO NOT take advantage of lunar new year to increase your food prices! It is ridiculous!

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Lunar New Year 2009 Is Almost Over

In a blink of an eye, this year Lunar New Year is almost over. Tomorrow is the 7th day of Lunar New Year which is also called “Ren Ri”. In English, it means people day aka everybody birthday. Lunar New Year celebration normally last for 15 days.

Lunar New Year is getting a little repetitive and boring as we grow up, sooner or later, the current or next generation of people will just treat it as another public holiday.

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Happy Lunar New Year 2009

This week is my second week of school. Tutorials going to start next week and projects are already started coming in. Going to get real busy after Lunar New Year. That basically sums up my school life so far.

JavaScript In My WordPress Plugins
I have been making use of some of my free time last week to convert 5 of my plugins that uses JavaScript to use jQuery JavaScript Framework instead and also replaced the SACK AJAX Framework to jQuery as well. Instead of including packed JavaScript using Dean Edwards Packer, I replaced it with minified JavaScript using YUI Compressor. Minified JavaScript has better performance even though it is slightly larger in file size when compared to packed JavaScript because the browser do not need to unpacked the packed JavaScript. Also, I have moved the JavaScript from the header down to the footer as it gives better loading times. You can read about it in details on my WordPress Plugins Blog.

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