Teach a Technophobe – Challenge #1

My first challenge of the Teach a Technophobe has arrived on Friday. I choose my mom (Jas Ngan) for the challenge as she requires email access on the go pretty often as she is a businesswoman. I am using the very excellent free Symbian application called Best Screen Snap to capture a screenshot on the E75 and I tied the shortcut key to the camera shutter button.

Challenge #1A

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Configuring iPhone/iPod Touch WLAN For NUS Wireless

Here is a tutorial on how to configure your iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch, or iPod Touch (2nd Gen) to connect to the NUS Wireless network. We will be using NUS WLAN SSID “NUS” instead of “NUSOPEN”, as “NUS” is protected by PEAP and it is much faster.

*UPDATE 2* There is a bug in iOS4 which cause .mobileconfig files not recognized by Safari. For more details, read here. To overcome this issue:

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Configuring Nokia Phones WLAN For NUS Wireless

First things first, your Nokia Phone must be 802.11 enabled, be it a Nseries or an Eseries phone. I am using S60 3rd edition Symbian OS 9.2 as an example. But in theory it should work with other editions of S60 Symbian OS as well.

We will be using NUS WLAN SSID “NUS” instead of “NUSOPEN”, as “NUS” is protected by PEAP.

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