Diamaru Closing Down

Woo, didn’t know that SP servers do actually contains computer games, played UT and Quake 3 illegally when there is no lab tech. LOL, there are still more games like FIFA and NBA LIVE, wonder will they install Warcraft III? Hehe.

Did my IWED assignment 1, now is about 1k words, still got 2 more points to go before completion, and the deadline is on Saturday. Will try to complete by tomorrow.

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Handed In Assignments

Hmm, just finished wacthing Tomorrow Never Dies and Dante’s Peak together on Channel I and 5 respectively. Both shows started at 10pm, had to switch between the channels very consistently. Well both shows I had watched it in the cinema long time ago, by watching it on television again can refresh my memory. LOL

Reached school at about 12.30pm today and handed in both assignments today on time. Forgot to write my question number on my P&Q2 assignment, grrr, must informed the teacher later on. Stayed until 5.30pm to do our IWED assignment report, done 600+ words, still got 400 more to go, will try to complete it before Friday, and the deadline is on Saturday.

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Assignments Deadline

Printed out my P&Q2 Assignment 2, will be going to school to bind tomorrow. I have also printed out my CANI assignment 1 Report. All ready for submission.

Well had my Entrepreneurship presentation in the afternoon, well eveything turns our smoothly for the presentation. Today IWED pratical is a waste of my time, went there pratically did nothing but to mark attendance. If I knew it is a free period, I would come to school later. Spend 2 hours surfing the internet reading on PHP sessions, will be playing around with them soon, if possible, I will try to implement it here, but on the other hand, I don’t think it is necessary.

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P&Q 2 Almost Done

My P&Q2 assignment 2 is almost done, left the minor part which is the cover page and the contents page. Altogether is about 2.3k words(not including a summary). Today didn’t do much stuff after school comes home to sleep until about 9 pm, eat my dinner, and finished up my last bit of P&Q. Wednesday at 5pm is the deadline for both CANI and P&Q2.

Got my hands on 3DS Max 5 a few days ago, I must say that the GUI is almost the same as Max 4. Well, Max 5 has improved and more advanced lighting effects, now radiosity is stimulated instead of having to create a lot of lights just to stimulate it, which is so troublesome. The track view is more user friendly now. I still got many more features that I am uncertain of.

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National Day Rally 2002

Today, all the local tv channels has been tune to the broadcasting of National Day Rally 2002 live, spoken by Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong. Well since I got got nothing to do, I watched the rally, and it was very interesting and it gives me general knowledge on more about Singapore.

Stayed at home the whole day and rush my P&Q2 assignment 2, almost completed with about 2k words. Left strategy, summary and conclusion. 3 more days to deadline.

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Worms 2

Went to school to do Entreneurship assignment 1, after that Alvin and gang came my house to do the powerpoint slides. Its just a short presentation, only 14 slides. We played Worms 2 after that, 5 players in 1 game, it was so fun. Old school man.

My parents fetch them to Tanglin Halt hawker center for dinner, wanting to eat the duck noodle there, but didn’t open, in the end, ended up eating fishball noodles, the fishball noodles really tastes good. Next time got long breaks in between, can go there for lunch.

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CANI Again

Learnt rigging during CANI pratical lessons, rigging basically means boned your character. Not that difficult actually. During DEUI tutorial, my classmate, Zhi Fan, when presenting tutorial 3, his speech make us all laugh, it is very very funny, the way he talk. ROFL

Stayed back in school till 5pm to discuss CANI assignment 2 with Klaus and gang. After some calculations, the movie we estimate is about 2 minutes long, but our assignment requirements is only 30-45 secs. LOL

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Slackers Day

Today didn’t do anything at all. Wanted to do P&Q2, but don’t have the drive to do it LOL. Even in school also boring, WWWP pratical and DEUI pratical pratically this 2 praticals I have been surfing internet and playing Literati, total of 4 hours.

Even my last lesson of the day which was DSAL pratical, for the 1 hour, I have been surfing the internet and chatting away on IRC. Really a slacking day.

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Yap, my CANI assignment 1 is done, rendered the 26 seconds/650 frames of animation in 54 minutes. Import it to Premiere and added in music to it. File size is about 15.6mb. Report also completed. Will be doing my P&Q2 assignment 2 tomorrow. 1 more assignment to go for me, which is IWED.

Went to eat teppanyaki express located in the Food Junction at Lot 1 earlier on. After that went to play Warcraft 3 at the LAN shop, I can say that the LAN shop computers REALLY SUX. Reaper’s and Lester Goh’s computer hang about 3 times. And when playing the game, it is so laggy even though all settings have been set to lowest. In the end we end up being raped by 3 computers in a 3v3 match. Cannot make it.

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Woo This Site For Ripped

This thats rights, this site got ripped. I found out in the morning when I was checking my extreme tracking in school when I got nothing to do. Click here to view the extreme tracking, please scroll to the bottom. Here is the damm ripper site.

Even his current version, version 3.1 is a ripped off from CS Skins old layout. Manage to find the old CS Skins layout through Archive.Org and here it is.

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