Today marks our 5th anniversary. This year is a little unique. We did not buy each other gifts nor write each other a card. Instead we bought a card together and both of us will write in the same card.

We had a buffet lunch at Carosel at Royal Plaza. It is S$45 per pax during a weekend lunch and we get to redeem S$10 worth of carpark fees which is equivalent to about 3 hours of parking at Royal Plaza.

The reason we chose Carousel is because Li Xiang and I saw all the nicely displayed Macrons when we walked past Carousel quite sometime back. Another reason is because I was reading a review on it at HungryGoWhere and there are plenty of reviews on it (I sorted by number of reviews). But after trying it out, it is pretty average. The food and dessert variety is alright but the taste is not there. I kinda like the coffee there though. The thing I hate the most is the ice cream, I can tell that they are using some cheap ice cream like Walls because I am very sensitive to ice cream taste. I expect better quality ice cream like Mövenpick at least. Nevertheless the service was pretty good, my iced water was topped up almost instantly once it is goes below half.

I think Straits Kitchen at Hyatt will be better choice if you ask me.

After lunch, we went to Singapore Flyer. It is our first time there after so much procrastination from Li Xiang. We wanted to use the 15% voucher because it was sent to Li Xiang because of her upcoming birthday but didn’t know if you use OCBC or DBS credit card you are entitled to 20% discount. The usual adult price ticket is S$29.50 and after the discount, we paid S$23.60 for each ticket.

The experience we have on board the Singapore Flyer is pretty good. The service staff are all well mannered and friendly. The Singapore Flyer really gives you a 350° view of the landscape of Marina area and I didn’t know the Marina Bay Sands IR is so big till I am on board the Flyer. The ride lasted exactly 30 minutes because I was subtracting the time I took from the last photo with the first photo.

We bought the sovereign photo at S$18 because I don’t think we will be sitting the Singapore Flyer anytime soon and even we did, we will not be buying the photograph again. Most importantly the photography have a date stamp on it which marks today’s date. Li Xiang said the typography of the date could be smaller.

Came back home about 4pm and we played Wii Sports Resort!

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