Crumpler Pouch – Artisanal Loaf

Bought the Crumpler’s Artisanal Loaf for S$40 from VivoCity’s Cumpler store. There is a discount of 10% if paid by CitiBank Credit Card, so ended up paying S$36.

I got this the day before I left for Hong Kong on 22nd April 2011 and used it to put all my chargers and it’s cables. Fits well and with lots of spare space!

Front View

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Crumpler Pouch – The Tuft

Crumpler release a new pouch called “The Tuft” 2 days ago and this time, the pouch came with a Crumpler’s carbine hook. According to Crumpler at Raffles City Facebook Page, it is available in 3 sizes and in 3 colors (Red, Black & Beige).

However, when I went there on the day they announce it, there are only 2 sizes left, the medium and large. The medium size (S$35) is left with beige, and the large size (S$40) is left with black and red. If you are using DBS Live Fresh Credit Card or EpiCenter Member Card, there is an additional 10% discount.

Packaging Front View

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Crumpler Bag – Seedy One

I am a big fan of Crumpler and I got like 5 of their bags and 5 pouches. I have been eying on the remake of the Seedy One for a couple of months now and I finally got it last week. The retail price is S$169 but I got 10% discount for being a EpiCentre member. There is also a 10% discount if you are using DBS Live Fresh credit card as well. If you are using AMEX card, you also get a 10% discount but only at Orchard Ion’s branch. Paid S$152.10 for it after the discount.

I chose the black color and I think I took the last new piece in Singapore. When I went to the branch at Raffles City, they do not have a new piece and they help me called up other branches and only Wheelock have a piece left, so I went to Wheelock and got it. Thumbs up for the excellent service.

Front View (Close)

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Konnext SynCharger

With gadgets comes the amount of messy wires and power sockets needed if you want to charge them simultaneously.

Been eying on a charging station in particular the Bluelounge’s Refresh for a few days, it is very hard to find in Singapore. I went to all the Apple stores in Orchard and VivoCity and only EpiCentre at Ion Orchard carries it, but there is only 1 and only set left which is pink (selling for S$138)! The sales personnel told me that the supplier ran out of Black and White stock.

Box Front

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Fabrix Booklet For iPad

Received a complimentary Fabrix Booklet For iPad (US$59.90) from Fabrix Cases. I was quite surprised they send it to me. Maybe because I bought a few cases from them. The first was for my MacBook Pro, the second was for my netbook and iPhone 3Gs and the third was a sleeve for my iPad which I forgot to blog about it.

I think I will be using this case from now on. There is like 3x iPad 16GB 3G + Wi-Fi in my family and all 3 are using the default Apple iPad Case, so it is hard to differentiate which iPad belongs to who if they are placed together.

Packaging Front

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TuneWear IceWear iPod Nano 6G

Got the TuneWear IceWear iPod Nano 6G for my iPod Nano 6G from DG Lifestyle Store at VivoCity. It cost S$28.00 and it is totally not worth it!

The packing comes with 2 screen protectors and the silicon cover for your iPod Nano 6G. The screen protector scratches way too easily and the silicon cover is not an exact fit, I find it rather too big for the iPod Nano 6G. Too bad there is no better case out there yet.

Packaging Front

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Speck PixelSkin HD

Received my Speck PixelSkin HD (Black) from the iPhone 4 Case Program 2 days ago. It was shipped on the 7th September 2010 and I received it on the 14th September 2010.

The PixelSkin HD is made up of Thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) which makes it much harder than those cheap silicon cases. I like the finish of the case, it is in matt black and according to Wikipedia, it is resistance to oil, grease and abrasion and hence it is somewhat resistance to fingerprints!

Packaging Front

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