Previously, I was using StrongVPN on their StrongVPN Special PPTP which I paid US$55/year (S$75/year).

After my one year contract with them ended, I didn’t renew it because I felt that their server switch quota is kinda limiting though I have never hit the limit before. Server switch basically allows you to switch to different VPN servers.


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Tiger Beer Limited Editon SG50 Can & Bottle

Few months back, in April 2015, Tiger Beer released the Tiger Beer Limited Edition 1965 Vintage Can & Bottle as part of SG50 (Singapore 50th Birthday) celebration.

Again, as part of SG50 celebration, Tiger Beer will once again shed its iconic blue-and-silver look, in favour of Singapore’s national colors (red and white) on the livery of all cans, pints and bottles, in a limited edition release to commemorate this jubilee.

Tiger Beer Limited Editon SG50 Can - Front
Tiger Beer Limited Editon SG50 Can – Front

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New LEGO Ninjago Products And LEGO Ninjago Airjitzu Flyer (Summer 2015)

Personally, I am not really familiar with the LEGO Ninjago series, but just to give a brief background, the LEGO Ninjago series was introduced in 2011 around four Ninjas: Kai, Cole, Jay and Zane. They have been trained by their master Sensei Wu to fight forces of evil to protect the land of Ninjago.

This summer, LEGO released 9 new LEGO Ninjago sets and a new LEGO Ninjago product called the LEGO Ninjago Airjitzu Flyer.

70733 - LEGO Ninjago Blaster Bike - Front
70733 – LEGO Ninjago Blaster Bike – Front

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SHAPL – Smart Shower Container

SHAPL designs and manufactures Smart Shower Containers. The containers are good for travel but you can also use it at the gym or at home. They are Bisphenol A (BPA) free and definitely recyclable.

The containers are available in two sizes, 65ml and 35ml. They come in a pack of six, three or standalone. For the pack of six, you can have three 65ml containers and three 35ml containers or just six 65ml containers.

SHAPL - Packaging Front
SHAPL – Packaging Front

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Mophie Power Reserve

I received the Mophie Power Reserve as a door gift at the official launch of Mophie in Singapore. It is retailing for S$69 in Singapore and you can get it from the Apple Online Store (Singapore). Last I heard, this product is going to be discontinued, so get it while you can.

Mophie Power Reserve is a 1,350mAh power bank that weighs 55g and measures 72 x 38 x 14 (L x W x H) (mm). It comes in four colors: black, white, gold and red.

Mophie Power Reserve - Box Front
Mophie Power Reserve – Box Front

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Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter Review

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter which retails for S$110 in Singapore can be mistaken for Microsoft’s version of Google Chromecast. In fact, both of them are quite different. Despite their differences, I don’t think their prices should vary that much. So I am not too sure why Microsoft would price the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter at US$59.95 when the Google Chromecast is only retailing for US$35.

Microsoft Wireless Display will work with Windows devices and Android devices but not iOS devices, whereas Google Chromecast will work with Android devices and iOS devices but not Windows devices.

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter - Box Front
Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter – Box Front

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Watching Netflix In Singapore With Unblock-Us SmartDNS

I did a post before on Watching Netflix In Singapore With UnoTelly SmartDNS and today, I will be featuring an alternative to UnoTelly which is Unblock-Us.

Unblock-Us was started in 2010 in Toronto, Canada. They are the first company in the world to offer a DNS-based solution (SmartDNS) to give people access to content not available in their location. They strongly believe in anonymity and privacy and hence they moved their operations to Barbados in response to the proposed Canadian legislation which would have required them to keep logs on their customer activities for 6 months.


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MOS Spring Lightning Cable

The MOS Spring Lightning Cable is my second MOS product, the first being it’s flagship product, the Magnetic Organization System (MOS).

The MOS Spring Lightning Cable is coming to Singapore soon, but if you can’t wait, you can order it from the website itself for US$29.95 (S$41). Shipping to Singapore is an additional US$4.94 (S$7) via USPS First Class International.

MOS Spring Lightning Cable - Packaging Front
MOS Spring Lightning Cable – Packaging Front

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YotaPhone 2 Review

Many people come to know YotaPhone 2 as the phone with two screens. It is the world’s third phone with two screens as far as I know. The first is YotaPhone 1 which didn’t make it to Singapore and the second is NEC Medias W N-05e which is also not available in Singapore.

The YotaPhone 2 is retailing in Singapore for S$1,048 and you can buy it online via or Expansys. Note that the price S$979 on these two websites are before the 7% GST.

YotaPhone 2 - Box
YotaPhone 2 – Box

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