Tool Pen

Tool Pen is a smart & versatile multi-tool, like holding a sleek pen. It features a unique Pop-A-Point design for bits replacement.

I backed Tool Pen on Kickstarter on the 9th July 2014 and it was funded successfully on 14th August 2014 after raising US$274,794 out of their initial goal of just US$7,000. That is 40 times the goal.

Tool Pen - Box Front
Tool Pen – Box Front

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Blockey is a key management system that can simplify your pockets without spoiling the integrity of design and practicality. It is made of Aluminum 7075 which is known for its strength and scratch resistant components. Aluminum 7075 can also be found in bike shafts, rock climbing gear, aerospace applications, etc.

I backed Blockey on Kickstarter on the 12th October 2013 and it was funded successfully on 14th January 2014 after raising US$39,742 out of their initial goal of US$21,000.

Blockey - Box Front
Blockey – Box Front

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NanoSIM Cutter

2 years ago I bought the MicroSIM Cutter and this time round I am buying the NanoSIM Cutter also from Deal Extreme. Both the previous MicroSIM Cutter and this NanoSIM Cutter are made by NOOSY.

It cost US$6.60 (S$8) which free shipping to Singapore. Ordered on the 6th November 2012 and I got it on the 28th November 2012.

NanoSIM Cutter - Box
NanoSIM Cutter – Box

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MicroSIM Cutter

Ordered my MicroSIM cutter from Deal Extreme for US$20.00, but now the price has dropped to US$17.43. In case you are unfamiler with Deal Extreme, the price stated includes free shipping. Placed my order on the 11th July 2010 and got it delivered to me on the 22nd July 2010. Took about 11 days before it reaches my house. I think it is because of supplier’s stock issue as when I check the status, it was stuck at “Waiting For Supplier” for a few days.

Using the MicroSIM cutter is pretty straight forward, just place your SIM card into the slot and ensure that the slanted edge matches and press the cutter handle down real hard!

Package Front
Package Front

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