KeySmart – Pocket Key Organizers & Key Holders

KeySmart was born out of a Kickstarter project in May 2013 where it raised a total of US$329,862 out of their initial goal of US$6,000 from 8,900 backers.

KeySmart is a compact key holder that can hold between 2 to 8 keys (or up to 100 keys with expansion packs). It will fit any keys of length up to 8cm. Because of the way it is designed, it will eliminate any key jingle when it is in your pockets.

KeySmart - Packaging Front
KeySmart – Packaging Front

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Bagel – Smart Tape Measure

Bagel is a smart tape measure that has three different measuring modes (String, Wheel, and Laser). It can also save measurements, record voice memos, and send data to its mobile app, where you can easily organize and analyze your measurements.

Bagel built-in memory can save up to 100 measurements and voice memos.

Bagel - What You Will Receive
Bagel – What You Will Receive

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Etekcity Digital Timer

Bought the Etekcity Digital Kitchen Timer from Amazon when they are having a discount for Black Friday. It comes in a pack of two and it costs US$10.79 (S$16) when I bought it. It now retails for US$12.99 (S$19).

It doesn’t ship to Singapore directly, so I shipped it to HopShopGo together with my other purchases and got them to ship to Singapore for me.

Etekcity Digital Timer - Box Front
Etekcity Digital Timer – Box Front

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