Sanyo Eneloop Standard Charger NC-MQN09

Got the Sanyo Eneloop Standard Charger NC-MQN09 at Challenger at Funan for S$29.90 (after member’s discount is S$26.91).

I was deciding between 2 variants, the Standard Charger NC-MQN09 (S$29.90) or the Basic Charger NC-MQN09 (S$22.90). The price difference is S$7.

Packaging Front

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Bluelounge The Sanctuary

Bought the Bluelounge The Sanctuary from EpiCentre at Ion Orchard for S$189 and after a 10% member’s discount it cost S$170.10. The first time I saw the The Sanctuary was back in December 2009 when I was in Hong Kong at city’super. It was the Dark Wood variant.

So far I have only saw The Sanctuary selling at EpiCentre at Ion Orchard, I have not seen other shops carrying it yet. I think there is at least 5 of them there when I got it last week. They only carry the Black variant.

Box Front

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Capdase Car Charger Holder

Got the Capdase Car Charger Holder from EpiCenter for S$59.90. As I applied for the ANZ Credit Card previously and having completed 2 transactions of any amount using that credit card, I received a S$50 voucher for EpiCenter.

If you are an ANZ Credit Card holder, you are also entitled a 10% off any 3rd party accessories from EpiCenter as well, so the Capdase Car Charger Holder cost only S$53.90 after a 10% discount and using the S$50 voucher, I paid S$3.90 for the holder.

Box Front

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Bluelounge Refresh

I am just a huge fan of Bluelounge products. The Bluelounge Refresh is the first Bluelounge refresh that I came in contact with at EpiCentre@Ion Orchard. Too bad at that time, there is only pink color available and hence I got the Konnext SynCharger instead.

Fast forward 5 months later, the black color is back at EpiCentre@Ion Orchard and I just had to get it (there is also a white color available). It is retailing for S$139 (Member’s Price: S$125.10). I had pass down the Konnect SynCharger to my brother instead =p

Box Front

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Desk Genie Non-Slip Charging Desk Stand Review

The Desk Genie Non-Slip Charging Desk Stand as the name suggest, is a non-slip charging stand that holds your mobile phone while it charges. In addition to that, it acts as a 8-in-1 memory card reader as well as a 2 port USB hub.

Package Contents

Desk Genie Non-Slip Charging Desk Stand

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External Backup Battery Charger For iPhone 3G

Got to know this really cheap external battery charger for iPhone 3G from Hardware Zone Forums. The seller, free-4-flying, is based in Hong Kong. Once in a while he will have a sale on that. The cheapest I saw is US$6.99 but unfortunately when I bought that time it is US$8.48 (S$11.87). The price stated includes shipping which makes it real cheap!

I bought it on the 18th September 2009 and it was shipped on the next day on 19th September 2009. Took 17 days to reach me, arrived in my mailbox yesterday on the 6th October 2009. This is technically the first item I purchased from eBay. The very first item I bought is the Apple Care for my MacBook Pro =D

Packaging – Front View

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