An Hai Association’s Scholarship

Yesterday, had a steamboat dinner at Marina South with Serene and Co. I think our guest-of-honor is Terry because seldom get to go out with him. We tired the one at Super Bowl. They have alot of variety and I think the food is also nicer than that of Dragon Inn. No wonder the Super Bowl one is always crowded with people. They even have live prawns and crabs. The table we sat at is a little far from the food section, thus I think we eat very little as least for me. I still think all of us talk more than we eat because we have lots of catching up to do.

Woke up at 10.30am today to go and collect my scholarship from “An Hai Association”. They ask us to be there at 11am but they start at 12pm. But the 1 hour wait is worth it. They did not state how much is the scholarship, but when I receive it, I got a shock. It is $600, and that is why I say the wait is worth it. =D

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American Idol 3

Finally continued work on my ITP project. I don’t really feel stress doing the ITP project maybe I think I am used to php programming. But when I am stuck at somewhere Google has always been a great help. For example when you got an error and you have no idea what the error is, just paste it in the search box of Google and you will get the solution.

I have finished coding the polls plug-in for WordPress, I will upload it sometime next week. I think I will be busy during this weekend.

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CNY Dinner 2004

Yesterday fixed some serious bug that went though me un-noticed in the wp-archives.php page. When you enter the page, it will generate 644 MYSQL queries.

Had lunch with my mom and brother at Great World City. I drove my mom’s car there. When parking in the car-park, my engine went dead 3 times. I hate Manual Transmission Car because I am no car enthusiast. I just want to get from point A to point B in the shortest and easiest way and that is what I think car is made for.

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River Hong Bao 2004

Yesterday, Victor and Yong Tang came my house. I helped Yong Tang to do some programming in ASP for his FYP. Lost touch of my ASP skills ever since I stop doing my FYP. I kinda like his FYP idea. It is about bus arrival time information. You are able to check what time a bus will arrived at the bus stop you are currently at. The deliverables is of course not the actual thing as we do not have the information from SBS, is more like a stimulation.

Met up with the rest of my secondary school friends for dinner at Marina Square. Wanted to play CS, but could not even find a single LAN shop in Marina Square. End up we went to River Hong Bao. It was drizzling. The rides there are VERY EXPENSIVE, and this year I think is different vendor for the fun fair because ALOT of rides are missing and sad to say, my favourite Music Dance was missing too. Wanted to sit a ride(not sure of the name), but it cost $20 and only 2 of us wanted to take it. If there are 4 of us, I will definitely take it. The ride has 2 carriages that can sit 4 people each and they will lift the carriage and rotate it.

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End Of Holidays

Yesterday, my mom’s friend came over to my house for Chinese New Year visit. Every year each of them will take turn to host this ‘event’, so this year is my mom’s turn. So my dear friends, next time when we are all married we shall do that, every year each take turn to host. It is a good idea right? =D

My mom prepare lots of food and they are small eaters, thus alot of food are left over. I love my mom’s blue berry cheese cake, so far all the blue berry cheese cake I had eaten, NONE can beat my mom’s one.

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Welcome to lesterchan.net

As you can see, I have forwarded all request to www.lesterchan.net. From today onwards my site will be on www.lesterchan.net. Kindly change your bookmark to www.lesterchan.net or www.gamerz.per.sg if you haven’t done so. This 2 domains will be with me till a long long time. Thanks to Zeus for his excellent service in providing me this hosting. I am hosted by Fro Hosting. My Pixel-Junkies Server will still be around, I will use it to mirror the photos because I have only 300MB of space in this server.

Everything should be up and running smoothly. Cheers

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My Brother’s Samsung E700A

Had my lunch at Heeren’s Sakae Sushi again because my mom got $40 worth of voucher. Wanted to buy my brother’s handphone from Hello@Orchard, but it is not worth it, $888 for 12 months upgrade. Went to Far East Square to look for Mobile Square either it is closed or I could not find it.

Saw Yong Tang, Chee Wee and Xiu Ling at Hello@Orchard. Chee Wee handphone which is Nokia 6100 got stolen in his camp, and he went here to get a new phone. Argh, cursed those handphone stealers die a horrible death. I don’t think my S500 will be safe in army too.

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Silver Hawk

Watched Silver Hawk starring Michelle Yeoh and Richie Ren at GV Plaza. The show was not too bad, still acceptable. After watching the show, I realize that Michelle Yeoh is pretty even though she is quite old. After the movie had some light snacks at Mos Burger. Surprising, almost all the food outlets in Plaza Singapura are open for business and they are quite packed. But I think as times goes by, more shops will be opened for business unless the economy recovers. Currently I think Chinese New Year is the only time of year where most of the shops are closed for business.

Went to my auntie house later for a late lunch followed by my grandmother brother’s house to collect red packet. Today, my business is bad, only 1 red packet collected. Sigh =(

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Site Updates January 2004

I have no idea, how come suddenly Pixel-Junkies MYSQL server is giving me error today. Yesterday it was fine till today. Anyway the problem has been fixed. It is due to a “DISTINCT” keyword in the SQL Query. I hope nothing goes wrong after deleting the keyword because from what I see, it makes no difference whether there is a distinct keyword or not. I still find it very weird because the error came out of no where. No idea whether it is the MYSQL Server problem or the code problem.

Here are a list of site changes:

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1st Day Of Lunar New Year 2004

Is the same for every Chinese New Year, same sequence and timing. Visited my grandmother(mom’s side), followed by my grandmother(mom’s side)’s eldest sister house, followed by my grandfather(dad’s side) house, followed by my mom’s business client house followed by my grandmother(mom’s side)’ 5th sister house.

Finally I got to see my cousin whom I say she is working at Far East Plaza Level One. I did not get to see her during last year during Chinese new year, so it had been 2 years since I last saw here. She really changed alot. I think even if she walked pass me on the streets, I will not recognize her. She grew so tall (1.7m) at least for a girl’s height and she is only secondary 4 waiting for ‘O’ level results. But I guess she mix with the wrong company, she got tattoos, lots of piercing around the body. She dresses quite like those Japanese girls. Overall not bad looking.

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