Happy Lunar New Year 2004

While driving to my grandfather’s place, something funny happened. There was this taxi which give signal indicating that he is going to stop quite early, so I was prepared to stop when he stop. He stopped, I stopped, then there was this car which is behind me keep horning non-stop for about 30 seconds. After the passenger came down from the taxi, he pointed his third finger to the car behind. Poor driver got pointed on the eve of lunar new year.

Had my Reunion dinner at my grandfather’s place. Been a long time since I last seen some of my cousins. Normally I only meet my cousins once a year which is during lunar new year. One of my cousin is pregnant for 7 months. She will give birth on 16th April to a baby girl. All of us keep disturbing her saying that she is an auntie and she look like the number “8” because she is so round.

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Lunar New Year’s Eve

Today is the eve of Lunar New Year and I just woke up from my sleep. LOL

Will be going to my grandfather (dad’s side) house for reunion dinner later in the evening. As usual, it will be steamboat again. We need new ideas. I really wonder next time our generation, do we still have reunion dinner or rather what type of reunion do we have.

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Lunar New Year Eve’s Eve

Today is the eve of Lunar New Year’s Eve, just two more days to Lunar New Year. Finally started work on my ITP project but I haven’t added in any log book entries. SP is really lame, work is work, don’t understand why the fuck do we need to write the log book. Later any-o-how write for them since they like writings so much.

I got a $500 scholarship from Singapore’s Toys and Confectionery Association. My mom helped me applied for the first time and I got it. LV wallet, here I come!

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Dinner At Heeren

Went to GMTI Building today to transfer the database from the testing server to the live server. It only takes 10 minutes. After that came home took a nap and met up with Charlene at Plaza Singapura for lunch.

While going back home after lunch from Tiong Bahru, I witness a funny incident. A man was at the end of the bus-stop flagging for a taxi as it was raining very heavily. But when a taxi came, it was intercept by other people who came out of the MRT station holding an umbrella. This happens not just once but 5 times. I counted till my bus came, not too sure whether there is a 6th time. I think the person must be damm frustrated. LOL

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Woke up quite early today for breakfast at Cartel at Plaza Singapure. At least the service there is so much better and faster than Suntec’s branch. The Plaza Singapore’s branch is the main branch. It is opened by my brother’s table tennis coach, while on the other hand the Sunte’s branch is a franchise.

Met up with my secondary school friends for our Sentosa’s Beach outing. We went to Siloso Beach. Did pretty much the standard stuffs, play with water, Frisbee, soccer, volleyball, sun-tanning and of course looking at girls.

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My Driving License Arrived!

This morning while I was sleeping, I was awoken by my brother saying that my driving license had arrived. I was so happy but I was quite tired so I did not jump out of my bed, just woke up slowly. Opened the letter and saw a short letter which contains a small paragraph of text and my driving license is just attached below it. My picture on the driving license was not very clear because BBDC photo taking machine SUCKS. My friend ask me to report lost and pay $20 for a new license. LOL

Met up with Calvin, Victor and JingWei for shopping, although we spent more time sitting down at Heeren’s Spinelli, Cineleisure’s Burger King and Wheellock’s Coffee Bean. We talk about lots of stuffs, army, anime, final fantasy, cars, driving, girls and relationship. Saw Lynn at Spinelli too with her manager. Think she was having a metting. It was quite interesting. One thing for sure, guys can never beat girls in shopping, they can walk the whole day without resting.

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Finally I did some exercise today with my secondary school friends. Went to jog for 2 rounds at Queenstown Stadium’s track and swam a few laps at the Queenstown Swimming Complex. Did some sun-tanning and now my whole body got sun-burn, hot hot hot.

After these exercise went for a feast at Seoul Garden in Great World City. I think whatever I exercise today will be back again because of Seoul Garden. Been more than 6 months since I last ate at Seoul Garden. I think the last time I ate at Seoul Garden was at the Pixel Junkies outing. Ordered tom yum soup as the soup based, and it taste rather saltish. Maybe the taste has been neutralized by the salted vegetables and sze chun vegetables that I had added in the soup.

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Coincidental Day

Went to GMTI Building at CommonWealth to transfer my FYP to the live server. Now it is live on the Internet. URL is On my way there saw JingWei. He is meeting Calvin at Bugis. After the transferring of my FYP, went to Bugis to meet them to play CS.

Met up with JunXian and CheeWee for dinner opposite Tiong Bahru Plaza. Ate the Ban Mian, taste quite ok. On our way to Tiong Bahru Plaza, saw YongTang. He joined us. Actually 4 of them wanted to watch LOTR: The Return Of The King till they meet YongTang and I. So end up we went China Town instead. Haha, feel so bad but I think is heaven’s will because it is too coincidental.

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China Town

Today, is the first day of Internship Training Program. I am supposed to do a E-Learning website. Something like the blackboard but just smaller in scale. Today spend most of the time designing the database. Shall be coding it in PHP with MYSQL, if possible I will try to use OOP(Object Oriented Programming) method.

Went out for lunch with my mom at Amara Hotel. Simply love the Korean food there, it is cheap and very delicious. Did some coding for this site, now the archives, calendar stats are done. I shall build up this site bit by bit.

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ITP Starts Tomorrow

Met up with Jacky and Laily at Bugis to go to Sim Lim Square. Jacky’s aunt want to get a high-end computer, so I went to give advice to Jacky, then in turn he will tell his aunt. At first I thought his aunt will be going. LOL

Went back to Bugis for a walk. My FYP client called me when I was at Bugis Street, then when I was in the M1 shop at Bugis, I saw him. What a small world. He went to get a Sony Ericsson T610 for his wife.

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