Singapore Future MRT/LRT Map (Updated)

*UPDATE 17th March 2015* The image below is a fake, please see Singapore Future MRT/LRT Map (August 2014) for the real Singapore Future MRT/LRT Map.

The latest MRT & LRT Track line system map. This includes the latest announced MRT route, Thomson MRT Line and Eastern Region MRT Line, by Transport Minister Raymond Lim on 26 Janurary 2008.

Singapore Future MRT/LRT Map (Updated)
Singapore Future MRT/LRT Map (Updated)

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HTML 5 Differences From HTML 4

The first major update to HTML in 10 years. HTML 4 was back in December 1997. I am really looking forward to this update.

HTML 5 is designed to reflect this, with APIs for drawing two-dimensional graphics, embedding and controlling multimedia, managing client-side data storage and editing parts of documents. Turning to more bread-and-butter stuff, HTML 5 will also make it easier to represent familiar page elements.

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My Spelling Checker Poem

I found this poem entitled “My Spelling Checker” very interesting during my CS2301 lecture today, just thought I share it with you all.

Wrong Version (But Pass The Spell Check)
Eye halve a spelling chequer
It came with my pea sea
It plainly marques four my revue
Miss steaks eye kin knot sea.
Eye have run this poem threw it
I am shore your pleased two no
Its letter perfect awl the weigh
My chequertolled me sew.
~ Sores unknown ~

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Year 2, Semester 2 Modules

School Started
This week is the first week of my new semester. I am currently in year 2, semester 2. If everything goes well, I will be graduating in year 4, semester 1, which is around end of 2009.

Here are the modules I taking for this semester:

My Family, Photo Taken Before The Dinner
(From Left To Right: Me, Li Xiang, Dad, Mom, Hui Mi and Leroy)

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Sun To Fork Out $1 Billion For MySQL

Sun Microsystems will plunk down $1 billion to buy MySQL, the maker of a popular open-source database.

Sun said Wednesday that it will pay about $800 million in cash for MySQL’s privately held stock and will assume about $200 million worth of options. MySQL CEO Marten Mickos will join Sun’s senior executive team after the transaction closes.

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My New Spectacles And Television

Finally after they some miscommunication, I finally collected my spectacles from Optics Today located at Queensway Shopping Center. I have been patronizing Optics Today since I was in Secondary School. As the shop is owned by my uncle’s secondary school classmate and he can gives us very good price, and I mean really very good after comparing with several optical shops. My Swissflex Spectacles cost $350 (including frame, lenses and taxes) whereas I checked out 1 optical shop in VivoCity and the exact same brand and frame as mine cost $360 alone. My current Oakley Wiretap is also from him, cost me $250 (including frame, lenses and taxes) but just that it is a import set and comes with no warranty.

My new TV was delivered to me on Tuesday together with my new washing machine. I put it on my TV rack and realize it was quite big and my dad suggested to me to mount the TV to the wall. After having that thought, I can’t figure it out where is the 4 screw holes that my TV suppose (my living room Samsung LCD TV has them) to have. After posting my question in Hardware Zone Forums, I got an answer and apparently I need to unscrew the 4 screws covering the 4 screw holes! The instruction manual didn’t even say anything about that! It just says that if I want to mount the TV to the wall, I need to contact my dealer. It was rather a stupid answer.

My New Spectacles By Swissflex Eyewear

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Facebook Plans ‘User Profile Clean-up’ Tool

As copied + pasted from Neowin.net:

Dont you just love how Facebook has an application for everything possible? Dont you just love wading through your friends Facebook profiles with the simple goal of finding their Wall? Dont you just love how Facebook is looking more and more like MySpace every single day? Fear no more, the Facebook Platform Team has a plan to unclutter profiles: a œprofile clean-up tool. Essentially, the tool will give users the option to move extra profile boxes to an œextended portion of their profile. At the bottom of the profile page there will be a link to œShow Extended Profile which expands the profile for viewing all of the users applications. This should mean a cleaner look, and faster loading pages. Personally, I would much prefer a œhide all 3rd party crap feature, but this move seems to be a step in the right direction.

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Genting Trip

I think I blog faster than Li Xiang as from what I know she only finishes Day 1 of our trip and here you have it, “My Version” of the Genting Trip.

Day 1 – Wednesday, 2nd January 2008
Reached Golden Mile Complex at about 6.30am, took Grassland Bus and it set off at 7.15am. The bus ticket cost S$65.00 per person for a 2 way trip. After much winding around the mountain, we reached Genting about 2pm. Checked into Resort Hotel to room 6154. It surely has a terrible view and not forgetting noisy because the room window is directly above the exhaust fumes that sit on the roof top 3 levels down. The hotel room cost RM160 per night for a standard room. After unloading out luggage, I immediately went down to Coffee Bean because they have free wireless Internet there as I need to bid for my modules.

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