Whining Bunch Of People

I think Singaporeans like to whine a lot.

Bus too cold also complain, bus too hot also complain.
People don’t give up seat for the elderly/pregnant in the MRT also complain.
Teenagers kissing in MRT also complain.
Students sell ice cream door-to-door making some allowance also complain.
Lights did not off at some places also complain.

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Exams Coming

Been busy redesigning this site and studying for my exams which will start this Friday and my last paper will be on 4th December 2006.

Ah Dear Birthday
Celebrated ah dear birthday at Cafe Swiss located at Swissotel The Stamford. Food there was good but not really to our liking. It is similar to Ikea style but I still find Ikea food nicer because they put an Asian touch to it.

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Like Pig

I think pig is the most pitiful animal ever, all the negative side of a human is always mapped onto a map. And we, humans, eat almost every part of the pig.

» Eat like a pig
» Sleep like a pig
» Lazy like a pig
» Smelly like a pig
» Fat like a pig
» Dirty like a pig
» Stupid like a pig

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2nd Anniversary

Our 2nd Anniversary
Celebrated our 2nd anniversary at Seoul Garden at Ngee Ann City. The variety of food there at Seoul Garden is getting from bad to worst. Very limited choices. I think Yuki Yaki is now a better choice than Seoul Garden. Did not buy anything much for my ah dear. Just a box of chocolates for her. But I decorated my room ceiling with orange and blue glow in the dark stars.

When you off the light and lookup, the view is very spectacular, but unfortunately it will only last 5 minutes after that you need to on the light again to “recharge” the stars. It is kinda romantic and it will help you to relive your stress.

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Suck In Programming

I maybe good in web programming, but when comes to Java/C/C++/VB etc, thinking of the algorithms makes me feel so helpless and make wonder why the heck I go study, I should go out work as web programmer.

But when I managed to solve the algorithm, that thought just disappears.

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VivoCity Officially Opens

VivoCity is Singapores largest retail, leisure and entertainment destination. It is just located beside Harbour Front

VivoCity is a vibrant, multi-experiential retail and leisure destination. It flows with energy. It immerses you in its blend of activities , new retail concepts, multi-anchor tenants and an evolving retail environment. And it stimulates your senses, allowing you to craft your own “Vivo” experiences.

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