Mom’s New Handphone

Went to Orchard yesterday. My brother bought lots of stuffs. My mom got herself a new handphone, same as mine Samsung s500. She used my grandfather line to upgrade and my grandfather took her old phone which is Nokia 7210.

We went to Suntec City for the Food Fair because my grandfather wanted to. It was extremely crowded. Carpark is full at Suntec, Marina and Millenia Walk. I suggested Esplanade’s Carpark and surprisingly it was quite empty. People ain’t as smart as me =p, just kidding. I went to the IT Fair 2004 for a while to get iSkin for my iPod and a 100 Imation CDRs. I realized that there are 3 different resellers, 1 is Apple Center, 1 is PA Mart and I have no idea what the last one is. I should get my iPod from the Apple Center, at least their plastic bag is nicer. I bought from PA Mart and they give me those wet market type plastic bag. Lessoned learned, always survey around and see where people buy from even if it is under the same brand booth.

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KFC New Shrooms burger

While waiting for my hair to dry the natural way, I got nothing to do, thus shall blog.

Met up with my secondary school friends today after a month of no meet ups. Luckily today all of them are free. I don’t really like to stay at home on Saturdays unless I am very tired. The mood for staying at home is just not there.

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I Am God Damm Pissed

Played with my iPod this morning, feel abit dumb because I do not know how to use it because the user manual ain’t helpful at at all, but luckily there is the Internet and there is this site called iPod Lounge.

While having lunch with my mom at Hans in Great Eastern Building saw Patricia. Didn’t know she and WeiLin is working in the same company.

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Apple iPod 20GB

Met up with my Pixel-Junkies friends, Zeus and Ownage for the IT Show 2004. We met at 11.30am and there was quite a crowd outside the hall that is waiting to be opened.

Once opened, the scene is like water going through a funnel, the bottleneck is the door as they only opened the first door at that time, but later on they opened both halls the door.

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Stuck On You

Last night was helping my friend to render some stuff in 3DS Max 6. It took me 2 hours just to render one frame in 1024 resolution. While waiting, decided to watch Stuck On You, since there are no nice TV shows at 3am in the morning.

I didn’t had a chance to catch Stuck On You in the cinemas. It was a nice show. Is very touching and heart warming show. It is about a life of a conjoint twins starring Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear who was joined together since birth and as they grew older, one of them wanted to get separated as they want to lead their own lives. But after being separated, they are not as happy as they thought they will be. I watched the show till 5.30am in the morning.

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No Electricity

These few days really got inspiration to do my ITP. But before the work is complete, another workload is added. Now I need to code a simple forum for my ITP. I really hope I got enough time to finish it. Left 2 months more to ITP and I need to complete lecturer backend, user frontend and forums, installer file and lots lots lots of bugs to fixed. I do not think there will be enough time to do testing and “cleaning up”, so I shall let the next semester ITP student have the honor of doing that. Whoever he/she is, I wish him/her luck.

No electricity for my house from 8.30am to 5.30pm, which means no Computer, Internet, Television, Hi-Fi and whatever electric appliances. They are changing my house electricity meter (so that the meter can move faster and thus PUB will earn more, joking). I hope it will take less than 9 hours as they state 9 hours is for the whole block starting from the 12th floor to the 1st floor.

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My 2nd Pay

I applied online for NTU/NUS admissions on Saturday night. Their online system is quite good, but the filling up the form is abit user-unfriendly. My first choice for NUS is Computing, first choice for NTU is Computer Engineering. My second choice for NUS is Computer Engineering, second choice for NTU is Computer Science.

Went to the Educational And Career Fair at Suntec City, nothing much to see. I did ask NUS about the Computing course regarding admission stuffs, but they does not know anything about it. Really waste my time there. There is also a Popular Sale and Tour Fair going on there and it makes Suntec City really crowded.

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WSC: Web Design Trade

Woke up and it is still so dark, 6.20am. I doubt any of you woke up earlier than me. Mom fetch me to NYP reached there around 7.45am after having breakfast at Ang Mo Kio Central.

They started quite early and I was the first one to register but the third one to reach, because I was in front when they say you can start registering. We started 30 minutes late instead of 9am we started at 9.30am, I think must be because of those damm late comers. They informed us to come at 8am and actually the registration starts at 8.30am, but seems to me that 30 minutes grace period is not enough.

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Mushroom Monster

Met up with Jacky and Co yesterday at Holland Village. We had dinner at NYDC. Finally, the Mushroom Monster(I think that is the name) was not out of stock. Geargina, Serene and I ordered pastas that is associated with mushroom, looks like we are craving for mushrooms. We had quite alot of chat, and catching up. Lets hope we can meet up often, make it a habit. =D

Elaine passed her TP after a 2nd attempt with 18 points, congratulations Elaine.

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Yesterday went to my mom office to fixed her computer. As usual, I have no idea how come her computer in office ALWAYS got problem, yesterday I solved the 56kb modem issues and HansVision issues. And later I am going to her office again to solve her modem issues. I solved it yesterday and managed to connect to the Internet with a 56kb dial up, and this morning I received a call from my mom saying that it don’t work again.

Seriously, I feel very primitive whenever I go to my mom’s office, most of the computer stuffs there are all outdated(beside my old computer). No networking, no router/switch, bloody slow computers, 56kb dial up and so on and so forth. My dad and I always advised my mom to invest some money into IT, but she say it is not necessary and always say “can use can already”. I mean this phrase is always used by our older generation, I can foresee that in the future, people will change their computer once every 2 to 3 years because computer will get outdated easily.

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